05 October 2011

Part-timing It..

Shit. I've really been half-assing my posts the last 2 weeks or so. So first of all, I apologize to the dozens of followers who were so anxiously waiting a new WildSteve post. A lot has happened since my last post, and since I'm feeling sick as balls, we're gonna go through this pretty quick. If I got oo fast for you, well then fuck off.


First and foremost, the fucking Lions Butter stock is so high right now its ridiculous. The first 4-0 start since 1980, Megatron on pace to get 32 TD's this year, 2 straight comebacks on the road, and Schwartzy being Schwartzy (see "Hey Dez, INCOMPLETE! You Motherfucker!" video above)


Playoffs have started and that makes me just smitten! I was at game 3 and it was unreal! Maybe one of the few times when Chest-Bumping strangers in public is totally OK with everybody. Not to mention perfectly in sync. Heading to NY tomorrow to take down the Evil Empire at NY. Gonna be tough but lets hope they have the same magic they did in 06.

Gets a Dooey. My man was just booze cruisin Bloomfield hills at 3am with an unloaded gun. No big whoop. Sucks he "randomly" drew the same judge that put Jalen away for 20 days for just a ghost ride. We'll keep you posted on what Big Ben gets. In fact, we'll Bodog this shit. Over/Under 60 days?? Guy won a ship here, I'm taking the under.


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