30 October 2011


A lot of hooplah in the news about this game. More specifically whose gonna "will" their team to a victory; Suh or Tebow. Now I know most of you are smart enough to read the headline of this blog as "Suh is less than Tebow," but just give WildSteve a sec to explain. Jesus.

Suh < Tebow is the only way I can illustrate my thought of "Suh will eat Tebow." Seriously. Ndom's about to om nom on God's favorite shitty quarterback. The metal face guard of Suh's helmet may be the only thing that saves Timmy from looking like Sam Jackson in Deep Blue Sea. I'm expecting at least 2 sacks, and one google image result of Tebow squealing at the hands of the Ndominator. Suh's bout to knock the virginity outta Tebow.

17 October 2011


You booze you lose.... an eight game lead

From ESPN.com

"Did we drink an occasional beer? Yes," he said. "Did it affect our performance in September? No. This stuff has been going on long before September, and not only in this clubhouse, but 29 other clubhouses too. We ordered fried chicken maybe three times in six months. Other guys who were not playing that day would come in and have a bite to eat.

"But what people are trying to do is a witch hunt. They're looking for any reason to basically tear somebody's head off because we lost, and people right now are saying it's because we did this. I'm not shying away from saying I did it. I admit it, and I'm sure the other guys would say it too.

Full Story>>

Hahaha. I really can't help but LOL to this. Or at least LQTM (laugh quietly to myself). John Lester of the BoSox admits to having an "occasional beer" in the clubhouse. Not that that had anything to do with their epic collapse in the final weeks of the season. Rumors have been swirling, but to quote Steve Berman: c'monnnnn maannnn! I know what an "occasional beer" means. I'll have an "occasional beer" when I head over to the Future to chill with MdotNetz, and end up at Bazookies followed shortly by some ex gf drunk dials and maybe even a bed pee. Can't sneak this shit past the Coalition Johnny boy. Just a classic case of boozin and losin!

16 October 2011

May the Schwartz be with you

YouTube Video

If nothing else comes from this miserable Lions game, at least we got this. Harbaugh can't just jump around like he won the Superbowl in Schwartz's house. Dudes a chump even if he is a Michigan man. Schwartzy was ready to Snooki his ass with one shot. You've seen the fist pumps, just imagine that intensity coming straight for your grill piece. Dodged a bullet harbough....

13 October 2011

Six to Midnight : ESPN Magazine Skin Issue

"The Mother Ship" released its annual "Skin Issue" last week. Here are the highlights(or low-lights. I feel like I can almost see the roller derby chick's asshole. You be the judge.)

Stephanie Gilmore. Some surfer chick.
Photos Courtesy: ESPN the Magazine
Alicia Sacramone. Gymnastics goddess
See? I told you, you could see it.

Gretchen Bleiler. Some snowboarder chick.

Check out the link above for more. Honestly, after I posted the roller derby chick's tattooed taint, I've hit an all-time low. I'd rather do some self-reflecting than post the 10 other pics ESPN released.  

SportingNews.com: Detroit 11th Best Sports City in the country?

Is this some kind of a Sick Joke?! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! 11th! That's a disgrace if I've ever seen one. These jabronis must be talking about the wrong Detroit. Clearly they couldn't be referring to Detroit, Michigan. Where 3 of our 4 major sports teams have played for at least one championship in the last decade alone. Two of those 3 having won it all at least once. And 1 of those 2 being The Red Wings. The team that has the second most cups in the NHL! Hell even when we had a WNBA team, they were selling out and winning ships like it was nobody's business.

Honestly, I can accept a city like Boston or Philly beating us. Hell, even rounding out the top 5 would be pushing it. But what really gets me is the Cities ahead of us that have NO business being compared to the Dirty. Let me explain:

1.Dallas- Mad props for the Mavs beating the Heat in the NBA finals. That was one of the high points of my years as an NBA fan. But now you're locked out and you're banking an the Rangers making a return trip to the World Series. And to do that they gotta get through our Tigers. Cowboys are easily the most overrated team in football every year. The last good move the Stars had was re-signing Modano so he could retire there.

5. New York & 8. LA - These cities have 8 and five professional sports teams, respectively (once the New Jersey Nets become the Brooklyn Nets). They have the odds stacked in their favor to build a winning franchise or two. And between these 13 teams collectively; only The Lakers, Yankees and Giants have championships the last decade. Not to mention LA has 0 football teams and a baseball team filing for bankruptcy.

10. Tampa Bay -
Now this is the one that really gets me. I mean sure, the city has 3 professional teams that have
all either been to or won championships the last decade, but look at the fan base. You can't give away seats to a Rays game. Even when they're in the playoffs it seems to go unnoticed by the locals. Even the Bucs have been struggling to sell enough tickets to where the game isn't blacked out on local TV. Sounds familiar..

So lets say this list is for 2010, when the Tigs, Pistons, Lions and even the Wings had somewhat of an "off year." 11th place is embarrassing. The Lions may have been the only downfall this city's had, but look at the fan base. Lions fans are so loyal, I don't even think there's such a thing as a bandwagon for us. And now the Lions are the hottest show in the NFL, and according to one Yahoo! writer, the most hostile environment to play in. Tigs are in the ALCS and the Wings are on track to make their 21st straight trip to the playoffs. With the NBA lockout looking like its here to stay, Detroit should be a lock for at least top 3 Sports cities of 2011! And remember you heard it here first on the 14th best blog in the 11th best sports city! Beeyaaaawwwwww!

From Sportingnews.com-

It's more than just championships.

Sporting News’ Best Sports Cities rankings, which look at the 12 months from summer 2010 to summer 2011, are based on point values assigned to various categories, including but not limited to, won-lost records, postseason appearances, applicable power ratings, number of teams and attendance.

The list:

1. Dallas-Fort Worth

2. Boston

3. Philadelphia

4. Chicago + Evanston

5. New York

6. Pittsburgh

7. Atlanta

8. Los Angeles

9. Miami

10. Tampa + St. Petersburg

11. Detroit + Ann Arbor + Ypsilanti

12. Washington

13. San Jose + Palo Alto + Santa Clara

14. Minneapolis + St. Paul

15. San Francisco

16. Nashville

17. San Diego

18. Phoenix + Tempe

19. Indianapolis

20. Denver + Boulder

21. Cincinnati

22. New Orleans

23. Raleigh + Durham + Chapel Hill

24. Houston

25. Oakland + Berkeley

26. Oklahoma City + Norman

27. St. Louis

28. Salt Lake City + Provo

29. Baltimore

30. Vancouver

31. Anaheim

32. Seattle

33. Green Bay

34. Orlando

35. Memphis

36. Columbus

37. Toronto

38. Milwaukee

39. San Antonio

40. Portland

41. Buffalo

42. Kansas City

43. Montreal

44. Jacksonville

45. Cleveland

46. Calgary

47. Charlotte

48. Ottawa

49. Sacramento

50. Edmonton

Read more: http://aol.sportingnews.com/sport/story/2011-10-04/best-sports-cities-the-list-from-1-to-271#ixzz1aiN4T9Mj

11 October 2011

So Long, Maggs...

Well, I know I'm a day late. But after celebrating the big MNF game last night; I got up, and decided to take the next 8 hours to recover...at my place of employment. So needless to say, I haven't had much time to keep you guys up to date on the Detroit Sports front. But this news is a bit saddening to me to be completely honest. Magglio Ordonez re-injured his ankle that he broke last season, likely ending his career. One of my all-time favorite Tigers. His last 2 seasons here may have been nothing to jump about, but remember what he did for us over his tenure in the D. A batting title (or two?), a phenomenal catch to help Justin Verlander secure a No No in 2007, and of course, the 3-run shot one October night in 2006. Guy single-handedly carried us to the World Series that year. So on behalf of The Coalition, hat's off to you Maggs. Your dirty Latino mullet flowing in the wind as you ran to the dog pile at home plate after one of the most clutch walk-off performances ever will forever be embedded in the minds of Tigers fans.

07 October 2011

Tigers Win!

What a series! There's not many things better in this world than watching a Yankee's fan cry. The Yanks already have their tee times scheduled for Saturday morning. Bring on the Rangers!

P.S. Where we come from Swisher's get smoked . . . Sorry Nick(Not really. Fuck you.)

06 October 2011

ESPN Fires Hank Williams

From Yahoo!:

The country singer and ESPN each took credit for the decision Thursday morning to ax his classic intro to “Monday Night Football.”

The network had pulled the song from the game earlier this week after Williams made an analogy to Adolf Hitler while discussing President Barack Obama on Fox News on Monday morning.

“After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision,” Williams said in a statement to The Associated Press. “By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run.”

But ESPN’s statement said: “We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams Jr. We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue.”

Full Story>>

I think this is the equivalent of getting fired and then saying "you can't fire me cuz I quit!" Way to not show em your cards Hank. I mean the song is great. A classic really. And I'm pretty upset that this is happeneing just days before the Lions take center-stage at their first Monday Night game in almost a decade. I mean I was pumped to see the highlight reel catches of Megatron meshed with Hank's whiskey sippin country voice.

But don't have your last laugh yet Hankey boy. You're just an entertainer, and entertainers can be replaced. A new hit song will be written as the new intro to Monday Night Football. Look at Katie Holmes, she was replaced seamlessly in The Dark Knight by Maggie Gellynhal. And if I remember correctly; didn't the hit TGIF sitcom "Family Matters" originally have a younger daughter written into the first season, then she was completely cast off the show with no explanation. And nobody gave a single shit. No one!

So have fun moving on with your career. Wont be long before you're begging to headline the SterlingFest. And you'll be lucky if Mayor Notte lets you open for th B-52's. So lets land something fresh to open the most watched sports program in the country. Something that might start like: "Forward down the Fieelllllllddddd........"

05 October 2011

Part-timing It..

Shit. I've really been half-assing my posts the last 2 weeks or so. So first of all, I apologize to the dozens of followers who were so anxiously waiting a new WildSteve post. A lot has happened since my last post, and since I'm feeling sick as balls, we're gonna go through this pretty quick. If I got oo fast for you, well then fuck off.


First and foremost, the fucking Lions Butter stock is so high right now its ridiculous. The first 4-0 start since 1980, Megatron on pace to get 32 TD's this year, 2 straight comebacks on the road, and Schwartzy being Schwartzy (see "Hey Dez, INCOMPLETE! You Motherfucker!" video above)


Playoffs have started and that makes me just smitten! I was at game 3 and it was unreal! Maybe one of the few times when Chest-Bumping strangers in public is totally OK with everybody. Not to mention perfectly in sync. Heading to NY tomorrow to take down the Evil Empire at NY. Gonna be tough but lets hope they have the same magic they did in 06.

Gets a Dooey. My man was just booze cruisin Bloomfield hills at 3am with an unloaded gun. No big whoop. Sucks he "randomly" drew the same judge that put Jalen away for 20 days for just a ghost ride. We'll keep you posted on what Big Ben gets. In fact, we'll Bodog this shit. Over/Under 60 days?? Guy won a ship here, I'm taking the under.

04 October 2011

We See You Delmon

Big Dogs eat when it's supper time