30 October 2011


A lot of hooplah in the news about this game. More specifically whose gonna "will" their team to a victory; Suh or Tebow. Now I know most of you are smart enough to read the headline of this blog as "Suh is less than Tebow," but just give WildSteve a sec to explain. Jesus.

Suh < Tebow is the only way I can illustrate my thought of "Suh will eat Tebow." Seriously. Ndom's about to om nom on God's favorite shitty quarterback. The metal face guard of Suh's helmet may be the only thing that saves Timmy from looking like Sam Jackson in Deep Blue Sea. I'm expecting at least 2 sacks, and one google image result of Tebow squealing at the hands of the Ndominator. Suh's bout to knock the virginity outta Tebow.


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