17 October 2011

You booze you lose.... an eight game lead

From ESPN.com

"Did we drink an occasional beer? Yes," he said. "Did it affect our performance in September? No. This stuff has been going on long before September, and not only in this clubhouse, but 29 other clubhouses too. We ordered fried chicken maybe three times in six months. Other guys who were not playing that day would come in and have a bite to eat.

"But what people are trying to do is a witch hunt. They're looking for any reason to basically tear somebody's head off because we lost, and people right now are saying it's because we did this. I'm not shying away from saying I did it. I admit it, and I'm sure the other guys would say it too.

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Hahaha. I really can't help but LOL to this. Or at least LQTM (laugh quietly to myself). John Lester of the BoSox admits to having an "occasional beer" in the clubhouse. Not that that had anything to do with their epic collapse in the final weeks of the season. Rumors have been swirling, but to quote Steve Berman: c'monnnnn maannnn! I know what an "occasional beer" means. I'll have an "occasional beer" when I head over to the Future to chill with MdotNetz, and end up at Bazookies followed shortly by some ex gf drunk dials and maybe even a bed pee. Can't sneak this shit past the Coalition Johnny boy. Just a classic case of boozin and losin!


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