30 June 2011

Light Rail: Motor City Movin'

Federal officials have signed a final environmental impact statement with the city of Detroit that moves forward plans to build a $500 million light rail system along Woodward Avenue.

Mayor Dave Bing said Wednesday's signing with the Federal Transit Administration eventually will allow the city to use a $25 million grant.

"This is a landmark moment in Detroit's journey to make light rail a reality in our city," said Bing. "With the support of FTA staff we have reached this target faster than many believed was possible. From the beginning, we pledged that this administration would work tirelessly to get this project off the ground and today we are one step closer."

The U.S. Department of Transportation is expected to enter a final decision Sept. 1, which will lay out how Detroit can spend more than $300 million in federal funds.

Bing said engineering work on the project already has started.

The first 3.4-mile first phase between the New Center area and downtown is expected to be completed by 2016. The route eventually will have 19 passenger stations stretching north to the city limits at Eight Mile Road.

Watch Full Demo Here

DTBC Launch Party...Coming Up

Thanks everybody for your support. The site is doing really well, especially as of lately.

We are going to have a DTownBroCo sponsored launch party coming up. It will be put on and paid for by us at some sort of local establishment. We will offer to the people that "Like" us and our Facebook fan page an all you can drink open bar ticket all night long.  For that night, we will pay for your bad decisions.

So make sure and get those likes up and well start sponsoring fun things we can all participate in....in and around D-Town.

Thanks again. Like Us. Click our ads...each click pays for a drink, and put your party pants on.

It's coming.

Google+ Could Be The Facebook Killer

Head over to Google+ to see the interactive demo.

Google+, now available to a limited number of people, won't likely ever overtake Facebook as the Web's premier social networking service. That's a shame, because after putting it through it's paces, I've found that it's superior to Facebook. Here are four reasons Google+ beats Facebook.

It abandons Facebook's "one-message-fits-all" approach to social networking

Facebook treats all of your "friends" alike. With it, you essentially have the same online relationship with someone you've absent-mindedly accepted as a friend, but never met, as you do with your spouse or friend of 15 years.

Not so with Google+. With Google+, you create separate "circles" for your online acquaintances, and then post separate messages to each circle. Want to make plans the July 4 weekend with your five best friends? Then post a message just for them. Phony Facebook "friends" won't see them.

It sparks conversations

One of Google+'s niftier features is Sparks, which combines the power of Google search with social networking. Powered by Google search, Sparks delivers a stream of blog posts, news, and videos about any topic in which you're interested. When you want to share any of that with others, click the Share link, and you can share it with your circles.

It integrates with other Google services

If you use multiple Google services, you'll especially welcome Google+. Conversations in it show up in Gmail. You can share photos from Picasa using it. It has direct links to Google Talk. Expect more links as well.

It's better for mobile

Unlike Facebook, Google+ was built from the ground up with mobile in mind. So it works far better with your smartphone. (There's an Android app for it now, soon to be followed by one for iOS, according to Google.) You can do group texting via the "Huddle" feature, for example. Uploading photos and geotagging is a snap. You can get text messages whenever there's new activity on Google+. While it's true that Facebook can do some of these things, it simply doesn't do them as well as does Google+.

29 June 2011

Best Hockey Fights of the 2010-11 Season

Yahoo! Sports Top 10 Fights of the Year full link
I'm not going to post all of the top 10. That's what the link is for. But here's my recap of some of the highlights.

Now having been in a couple of tangles like these a few dozen times in my illustrious house/high school/beer league hockey career, I have quite a respect for these guys. That being said, they are bat shit crazy. Punching someone with a helmet on, with a visor no less, is equivalent to punching your fridge 30 times in 45 seconds (yes, I've done both. In my defense the fridge punching came when I mixed three 40's with the Red Wings first round playoff loss in 2006). It is still about the most exhilarating thing in sports. If you can watch these without feeling a bit anxious or wanting to absolutely pummel the closest thing punchable, you have no soul.

Great overall scrum. Just hay makers on every throw.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Versatile Don Kelly

Well I can't say this game wasn't entertaining. Miggy hits 2 of the Tigers' 5 dingers, 25 total runs scored, and yes you heard it right; Don Kelly comes in for relief in the 9th inning. This is one of the most entertaining aspects of the game of baseball. Bringing in a position player to pitch automatically brings a smile to people's faces. He's the only Tiger in the Leyland era to pull it off, and the first since Shane Halter in 2000. I was gonna turn the game off and hit the sack (sleep not masturbate), but instead I decided to pour another glass of Dub's homemade montepulciano, kick back and enjoy this. Granted, it was a shitty loss especially since the tribe pulled out a W today, and we have further evidence that Ryan Raburn is the worst Tiger since Chris "Red Pop" Shelton. I am mostly disappointed, though, in the fact that we couldn't rally for 8 runs in the 9th to give Don his first big league W.

Emergency Catcher....

Emergency Pitcher...

Don Kelly

"Can You Believe It? I'm Vomiting on June 29 Again!"

Happy Barf-day, Jerry!

JERRY: No eight years isn’t such a long streak.

ELAINE: It isn’t?

JERRY: No I haven’t vomited in thirteen years.

ELAINE: Get out!

JERRY: Not since June 29, 1980.

ELAINE: You remember the date?

JERRY: Yes, because my previous vomit was also June 29th… 1972. That’s why during the ‘80 vomit, I was yelling to George: “Can you believe it? I’m vomiting on June 29th again.”

ELAINE: Boy, you know when Joel told me he hadn’t thrown up in eight years, I was wondering if he was normal.

JERRY: Your boyfriend is a normal guy. He just happens to have the same name as one of the worst serial killers in the history of New-York.

Local Bro Left for Dead in the Ocean....Kinda

From the Detroit News:

Australian officials said today they were investigating a dive boat company that accidentally left behind a U.S. tourist snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, forcing the panicked man to swim to another boat for help.
A spokesman for the company denied Ian Cole was ever in danger. But it drew immediate comparisons to the infamous case of Americans Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who died in 1998 after their tour boat left while they were scuba diving on the reef. Officials believe they drowned or were eaten by sharks.

How To Remove Googles Big Black Bar

This Shit Is Bananas 

Courtesy of Geekosystem

Many people noticed the new black bar sitting atop Google.com like it owned the place yesterday, and since then, most of those people have sought out ways to remove said black bar and revert their Google to the less eye-popping, minimalist version they knew and loved. After searching through the settings tab like a madman, I could not turn up some kind of simple disable feature, so I took to the Internet to find a quick, easy way to remove that obtrusive bar and get my eyes to focus on the search box once again.

Mikel Leshoure: What Can the Detroit Lions Expect from Rookie RB in 2011?

Along with all the selections the Lions made in the 2011 NFL Draft, the pick of Mikel Leshoure in the second round has captured the interest of the Lions faithful. Although the trade that allowed Detroit to pick him can be questioned, what he brings to the team is exactly what they need moving forward to complement Jahvid Best.
However, the question still remains as to whether he will produce big in his first season. Last year the Lions running backs struggled to run between the tackles because of the generally poor run blocking of the interior of the offensive line. This could bode badly for Leshoure, who will primarily be asked to pound the rock up the middle when he gets the ball. If the run blocking is bad and there are defenders in the backfield, it could be a disappointing and possibly injury-plagued rookie season for the Illinois alumni.
On the positive side, Leshoure has the frame to make plays without help from his blockers unlike the smaller and faster Best. He is 6'0" and 230 lbs, and carries his weight very well. He has powerful legs and a broad chest, and when he runs he has good bend which will go a long way to stopping serious injury concerns by forcing defenders to tackle his thick thighs or powerful shoulders. His running style and bulk should also help his smash through arm tackles and make plenty of yards after contact.
Leshoure also has surprising speed and quick feet that allow him to make the most of cut-back lanes and find the hole in the offensive line. This is likely to be very important given the struggles of the line last year. While not supremely agile, he can make defenders miss in space, or at least force arm tackles.
He was also a good receiver in college who has safe hands and can make decent yards after the catch on checkdown passes and especially screen plays. He does not rival Best in this regard, but is still solid. He also never fumbled the football for Illinois and will be a very safe running back to give the ball to when it is time to run down the clock.
Despite all the positives about his game, I think he will not produce great stats in his rookie season. Because most of his carries will be up the gut, the blocking is key, and if it does not improve he will have to break tackles just to get back to the line of scrimmage. For this reason, I think that our newest running back will run for 700 yards at an average of about 3.5 yards per carry. However, he will actually play very well, breaking tackles and making plenty of yards after first contact. Also, because he will be given the lion's share of goal line carries, he should also record about six rushing touchdowns.
In the receiving game, I expect him to perform better statistically. He looks able to record 25 receptions for 230 yards and two touchdowns with ease, and his ability to do this will make him a true every down running back. In fact, I would not be surprised if he became the featured running back in Detroit by week 10 of 2011, pushing Best to play a role similar to Reggie Bush as an x-factor running back, receiver and return man.
Although his rookie season may be a disappointment after the bar has been set so high for this young man, he should play very well, and be set for a 1,000-plus-yard explosion in his sophomore year when the Lions make significant strides in the running game. The future looks bright for Mikel Leshoure.

28 June 2011

Return of the Mac

Per request of WildSteve and presumably anyone who's ever read any hilarious and super-intelligent thoughts I have, I am not returning to the blogosphere. I am using my phone so we'll have to see how that goes.

Currently the things on my mind are needing to get with a US soccer chick, receiving my USA Jordan jersey and moving to 8 mile. I think every day I drive to work I'm gonna play that song by eminem. Stay tuned for more from Richie Rich.

27 June 2011


Vietnam and Korean War veteran Fred Quigley is in a battle with a developer over his wish to fly an American flag on a 14-foot flagpole outside of his home in Macedonia, Ohio.

Joe Migliorini, a partner in the development company's firm and the head of the homeowners' association for the retirement community in which Quigley lives, says Quigley must fly the flag from a stanchion connected to his home. Otherwise, Migliorini points out, Quigley's patriotic display would be in violation of association rules.
"Landscapers have to work around it," Migliorini told ABC News, adding that federal flag etiquette also demands the flag be removed if it's not lit up at night. "That creates a need for electricity to be run out to the pole."
"To me, a flagpole is a thing of boldness and is substantial," Quigley told The Fall News press. "Putting a flag on your house is like putting a wreath on your door. It doesn't mean as much."The paper explains that the development where Quigley lives is a fairly recent one--meaning that the homeowners' association isn't yet fully representative of the homeowners on site. That requirement will only be cleared once the developer sells 75 percent of the lots in the community.
That doesn't mean that Quigley and his neighbors are being quiet about the controversy, however. Migliorini claims about 20 residents have protested the flag decision so far. "Joe Migliorini is the association," Quigley complained.
Dozens of supporters, including members of the American Legion, gathered around the pole last week for a flag-raising ceremony, the paper reported.

6 To Midnight - Best Pole Dance Ever

Dave Chappelle said it best, "Crazy dancing makin' my penis soft." And it's soft because I just came. At the 40 second mark I thought it was all over. I got this from one of my favorite blogs, Barstool New York, and this could have easily went either way. It could have been a pole dance accidental suicide or the best pole dance I've see outside of Amsterdam or Cheetahs Windsor (both whole different blogs for another time). It was obviously the latter. Bravo, sweetheart, bravo!


Snakey Snakerton has had to integrate me into every techy thing for the past 5 years. I always love his advice because I feel so far ahead of the tech-curve, when in reality I'm probably just a few shots under par. But this time I feel like such a worm boy. I said I would never buy "i" anything. Normally I'm a man of my word, but with this product I couldn't help it.

I'd watch videos of iPhone 4 and MacBook Air reviews and yawn. My android and PC products are on the same level with those and I'm still happy with my purchases. When tablets came out, all I could do was smile when I saw them. Using a tablet is like you are legitimately from the future. It must be what riding a Segway felt like back in 2003.

When my PC died, it was legitimately like making the executive decision on pulling the plug on a loved one. I had to do it. Had to move on. It was like the movie "The Big Chill". I mean the PC killed itself essentially(no thanks to 3 years of steady porn sites and downloading music and movies, but I digress), and at this point all I could do is send it off the right way, by getting drunk and listening to Motown tunes.

All in all, please bear with me while I learn the blogging basics from the iPad. I know you can't go without reading me for too long, and that's why I love you rascals.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad. ... I promise I'll never do that "posted from my iPad" bullshit again. Just kinda went with the theme. Cmon I'm not that douchey.

How To Dominate Your Fantasy Football League

This Was My Team in 2010.  Only Philip Rivers and Andre Johnson Were Drafted.
by Jacob Allen
Most people will tell you that the easiest most secure path to a fantasy football championship is preparing for, and executing the perfect draft. While there are many elements of truth to that theory, by no means is it the only way.

I personally don’t put all that much stock in the draft. I like to draft good players as much as the guy next to me and I’ve seen teams draft well…and win with the team they drafted, but each fantasy season is long. Things happen. If you play right…the championship is rarely won on draft day. It’s won with the little things in between.

Drafting players is only 1 of 3 ways to acquire talent. Free agency is the 2nd…and trading, my personal favorite is the 3rd. So before you go and label your season a boom or a bust when the last player of the last round gets picked…understand that that if you have a bad draft you can make up for it with relative ease two other ways.

The strategy for grabbing free agent is easy. Pay attention on Sunday. Throw out the notion that your waiver priority matters. It doesn’t. Usually in a rolling waiver format the reason why a certain team is #1 is because they have been paying the least amount attention. They won’t pay a lick of mind to next Sunday’s matchup until Saturday. That’s lucky for us because payday comes on Wednesday when players clear waivers in standard 2 day waiver rules.

Obviously your first 7 picks in the draft needs to fill out your starting roster (less the kicker).


What's next is what separates the men from the boys.

 My strategy is this:

Get Free Agents early and get them often.

Bye weeks don’t start until week 7, usually, so outside of a silly injury you are not going to need anybody on your bench until then anyways. I cant stress this enough. Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle! Don’t worry about picking up guys based on positional needs or balanced depth. Just grab guys that have the big weeks. Big week 1 games tell a lot.

When a white boy you’ve never heard of playing for fantasy black hole Cleveland named Peyton Hillis carries the rock 20 times and scores…well, you grab him every single time. If nothing else, just make him yours and see what he’s got next week. If he doesn’t bring it the following week…give him 1 more. He fails week 3…pink slip. But now we are only in week 4. We still have 3 weeks until the byes. The risk you take is almost nonexistent, but the reward is the 3rd best back in the league.

Do this with every single bench spot. Once you’re done drafting your starters start drafting players who are either the #1 at that position on their team (like Fred Jackson) or fills another team’s void. Do not be tricked into thinking the bench players you drafted will ever see the field. They won’t. If you do what I’m telling you to do, they will be LONG gone by the time you need to plug them in for a spot start.

The truth is that the picks that come after these first 7 really don’t matter. According to me they are going to be shuffled up first week anyways. Handcuffing is fine. Honestly I can’t really provide too much evidence against handcuffing your running backs, but what I noticed when I handicapped my backs was that that:

a.) You just wasted a pick on a guy you know does not have a shot at playing time unless somebody gets hurt. That’s not good. Plus even if he does assume all the carries at some point, he was not good enough to get them when there was a player in his way at the start of the season.

b.) These handcuffs are almost always not drafted and available at any time during the early to middle part of the season.

c.) I found myself drafting them, only to immediately lose patience when I realized I had a bench spot that served no purpose (outside of protection) and I could not do a single thing with besides wait. Nobody is interested in your handcuff backs so don't draft them. Trust me.

Jamaal Charles owners… Thomas Jones is not getting drafted. Neither is Michael Bush sitting behind DMF or Jason Snelling behind Turner. Etc.

The beginning of the season is when the breakout players are going to float to the surface. Especially in a shallow league, but it is more important to pay attention to them in a deeper league like the one we are about to have, 14 teamer where the talent is few and far between.

Here is a list of some of the players that have been available on the wire in fantasy football 2009 and 2010
  1. Jamaal Charles
  2. Miles Austin
  3. Mike Vick
  4. Peyton Hillis
  5. Jacob Tamme
  6. Ahmad Bradshaw
  7. Legarrette Blount
  8. Benjarvis Green-Ellis
  9. Mike Tolbert
  10. Stevie Johnson
  11. Brandon Lloyd
  12. Josh Freeman
Look for those guys. Take multiple chances weekly in an effort to find those guys and when you find one. Keep him and don’t hesitate….if he is better than your starter at that position start him. Early emotional decisions will bury you. If he’s better than your first round pick….start him. Until you find guys that you can see being on your team start to finish and through the playoffs….your bench is no more than a stack of poker chips. Risk chips in order to build your stack.

This brings us to the second way you can make up for a bad draft. Trading. For some strange reason people don’t consider trading a legitimate way to shape a fantasy roster. Not me, I love trading. Other people love trading too. There is an art to it, but before you can even think about your negotiations you have to know what guys are going to be willing to trade with you. My strategy is to make at least 1 deal with every team in my league. Some favor me, some favor them…but it will always favor you in the long run. Either you came out on top in a deal, or somebody owes you. I stress….it is VERY important for you to make one sided moves that help the person you are trading with more than it helps you. It builds good relationships. A few years back I tried to make moves that would swindle people, but that just did not work. Sure, I was able to make a few…but people notice. Help other managers. They will help you back.

Always make sure you find a reason on your end and their end to make the trade. Trying to force somebody to make a trade is bad form, and plain old won’t work. A lot of times a manager doesn't know they have a weak spot and it’s OK for you to let them know they do….just don’t make it seem like they have to fix the leak and they have to fix it right now with you. It’s their team and they can do whatever they want.

Here’s how I have been successful. I spend more time studying other peoples rosters than I do studying mine.  I know my guys…and anyways they are going to do what they are going to do. At any given moment I know every player on every teams roster…and I probably have a good read on how they are playing, should be playing, and if they need to be upgraded or not. This enables you to make a snap move at any time. You've already done the research.

What I try to do is all season long trade for players who were ranked top 20 overall players pre-draft. Trade anything to get these guys. My strategy is simple. Give up anything to get these guys. Trade 1 for 1, or 2 for 1, or even 3 for 1 to get them. No matter what you think…it’s an upgrade. That’s why they are ranked there. Target the guys who are ranked real, real, high. Don’t be afraid to go after them either, because they are available no matter what anybody says. Just proposing trades in the fantasy league are the worst way to make a trade. You have a 1 in 20 chance of it getting accepted. When you spot a trade that you know works for both sides

here’s what you do:

Tune in to part 2 to find out more

Jerry Joseph & Wally Ingram - Civility

24 June 2011

Metta World Peace & Other Name Changes We Need To See

November 19, 2004.  Malice at the Palace.  I was there.  It was awesome.  Ron was there too....er...I mean Metta.

Today we learned that Ron Artest, like Chad 85 before him, has filed for an official name change.  Metta World Peace.  Apparently Metta is a Buddhist-derived word meaning loving, kindness, friendliness....blah blah blah.

If Ron Artest can be Metta World Peace, does that mean anybody can be anything?  It got me thinking.

Here are some others I really need to see:

1. Morgan , I Accept Gays (Tracy)

2. Brown, Real Men Talk It Out (Chris)

3. Rodriguez, Defense Wins Championships (Rich)

4. Weiner, Wrong Dong (Anthony)

5. Iverson, Accept Any Role (Allen)

6. Woods, Faithful (Tiger)

7. Simpson, I Did It (OJ)

Did I miss any?

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23 June 2011

Knight In Shining Armor

The Pistons just landed a gem.

This fall Brandon Knight, unanimously considered a top 3 pick, will take his talents to Auburn Hills. The Pistons passed on Kemba Walker and took Knight with pick #8. Steal. Brandon is just this years version of the John Calipari 1 and done. I mean lets look at Calipari's PG in the past 4 NBA drafts.

Derrick Rose. Tyreke Evans. John Wall. Brandon Knight. I have a real good feeling about this.

Still, it seems that every year...many NBA prospects in the NBA draft gives any team reason to be optimistic and eventually end up as busts (Dork-O), but there is no denying the raw talent Knight brings to the Pistons. He should immediatly slide into the starting PG position, thus moving Stuckey to SG.

With Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight the Pistons now have 2 budding stars in their lineup.
This marks the beginning of the Tom Gores era...and what a good start it has been. Let us hope for many more to come.


The Pistons rounded out the draft by taking Kyle Singler and Vernon Macklin with their 2nd and 3rd picks.

Grade: A

OJ Admits Guilt?!? Juice Could Have Fooled Me

O.J. Simpson has reportedly admitted to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994.

Simpson confessed to a producer for Oprah Winfrey, and he will reportedly repeat the confession to Winfrey during a televised interview. Several news outlets are citing the National Enquirer with breaking the news.

The initial interview took place in prison, where Simpson is serving a nine-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery.

Simpson claimed he stabbed Nicole in self-defense.

The former NFL running back and part-time movie star was acquitted after being charged for the murders of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman.

Wildcats Win!

It was the most unsettling feeling I’ve had in a while. I almost hoped he was dead at this point; that was the only excuse I would have accepted. There’s 3 minutes until the championship game and no one had heard from our goalie, Dana. The puck drops and we got a complete stranger in net. I don’t know if this is an inside job by Dager Systems or what, but I don’t like it. My nerves we’re quickly eased when we pounced on them early off a Cuci goal (assists: Balsamo, WildSteve). The beacon of hope shined brighter as from the bench I saw Dana hurry to the locker room, gear in hand. We had our goalie back.

Goal Wildcats! (Balsamo)

With an early 2-0 lead in the first I can feel the Wildcats on the verge of history. A winless team in the regular season taking the playoffs by storm and clawing their way to a championship! But after the first period it all went astray.

A few mis-queues on defense and it’s a 2-2 game with 5 minutes left in the 3rd. Fuckin crunch time at this point. Legs are tired, tempers are flaring on the bench, and a piss poor penalty called on Cuci with 1:28 left had me wondering how could the hockey gods dick us like this again? In the biggest game of all. Our testament was to dig down as deep as we could to kill the penalty and take it to overtime. Half minute into the sudden death we were back at full strength, only to get scored on minutes later. It’s over. The grind of the 13 game spring season came to a screeching halt with one shot.

With my head down in disgust I see black and white stripes hot dogging toward the goal waving his arms. Could it be? Yes! NO GOAL! Asshole was in the crease and they waved it off! Now, this was probably a make-up call for the times Balsamo and PJ got tripped on their way to the net, doug got a 4 minute double minor for getting cross-checked in the helmet, or a number of other shitty calls. But this was it; theres no way we lose now!

22 June 2011

Fantasy Exhale: NFL Lockout Coming To An End


The league meetings wrapped up on Tuesday and all signs point toward a new CBA deal on the horizon.

It would seem that for the most part the majority of owners liked what they heard. There still seems to be a handful of owners opposed to whats going on but not enough to stop the new CBA from happening. It would be fair to say that the owners pushing back either had no luck getting more on board with them or didn’t even bother trying. Roger Goodell deserves a ton of credit for pushing forward and getting this thing done. Points of the new CBA were also leaked to the media and it seems like something both sides can agree on. Lets have a look at those main points below.


In the new CBA the players would get 48% of all revenue coming in. Under the new agreement never will players share go below 46.5 %. In the old agreement it was 60% or as DeMaurice Smith claims around 53%. At first glance it looks like the players are taking a big hit but the owners have decided not to take a billion off the top and this makes it easier to swallow. Before the lock out started the owners were trying to get two billion off the top and then start talking about how to split the rest. The owners would still get expense credits to help with building of new stadiums. With the way money will be split up now, the players might actually make more year to year. Retired players will benefit as well getting improved pension benefits and better health care.

20 June 2011

"Retire? Not so quick!", says Nick

At age 41, and after 19 seasons in the NHL, Nicklas Lidstrom remains one of the best defensemen in hockey.

His motivation to play is still strong, as is his belief that the Detroit Red Wings will continue to be an upper-echelon team.

That is why Lidstrom is returning for his 20th season, signing a one-year extension Monday for the same $6.2 million salary he earned last season.

“Why (his decision) took so long was I wanted to make sure I found the motivation and the commitment to work out for next season,'' Lidstrom said during a conference call. “I wanted to make sure I'm motivated, still able to play at a high level at my age. I have to be motivated to play, can't just show up and play 15-20 minutes a game.''

Honey Badger vs. The Turtleman: It's About Time

by Jacob Allen
Tonight, we are going to witness one of the most anticipated matches in the history of professional  inter-web brawling.  It's time for the main event you've all been waiting for.  Lets introduce our contenders.

Honey Badger                                                                    
The reigning champ.  Wearing red and hailing from the Middle East, with a professional record of 5,000,000 - 0. He currently owns the Guinness Book of World Records title as the most "fearless member of the animal kingdom"...please welcome HONEY BADGER!!!!!

Clocking in at 35 lbs 4 oz with the infinitely sharp adamantium-esque blades he tell us are claws, H.B. tightly grips his "I DONT CARE. I TAKE WHAT I WANT" code of ethics and buries it, like a  stake straight through the heart of a vamp; mirking snakes, jackals, bees, larva, and anything else brave enough to cross this beast. H.B. is just crazy.  While other critters who found their 15 minutes of internet fame are busy grooming themselves Honey is busy manically stuffing his portfolio with kill streaks and bloodbaths;  deploying a brand of violence so twisted and emotionless it would bring Dexter to his knees. This is how Honey likes it...he will do the work and everything else can just pick up his scraps.  He REALLY don't give a shit.  Zero regard for any other animal.  He's really pretty bad-ass.

18 June 2011

Dude With A Tude'

17 June 2011

Shuttin Em' Down!

Sorry lads, there's rules in this country. I know you're thinking the American Dream is starting young with close to nothing in your pockets, and building yourself up to the top, but you gotta do it right. I didn't go to Yale for 6 years to get fucked my the laws of commerce; entrepreneurship isn't as easy as it seems. Licensing, incorporation fees, limited liability insurance, etc. All that shit needs to be considered before you can start turning profit. Takes money to make money, like I always say. And see what happens when you try to weasel your way around the system? You get fucked by the long dick of the law. Let this be a lesson to these little chaps, and better they learn it early: do shit right or don't do it at all. If they forked out the vendor fee in the first place, they'd be in the black right now. Good plan. Poor execution

16 June 2011

Tupac Back! ... in the news

(AllHipHop News) A man has admitted to being involved in the attack on rap star Tupac Shakur in 1994, inside Manhattan's Quad Studios in November of 1994, after allegedly being paid $2,500 dollars by James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond.

Dexter Isaac, a former friend of Rosemond, is an inmate currently serving life in prison for murder, robbery and other offenses.

Isaac came forward Wednesday (June 15th) with the information on the eve of what would be Tupac's 40th birthday.

He confessed to his involvement in the November 30th, 1994 robbery of Tupac Shakur to AllHipHop.com, after Jimmy Henchman identified him in a statement, relating to Henchman's indictment for dealing numerous kilos of cocaine.

"I want to apologize to his family [Tupac Shakur] and for the mistake I did for that sucker [Jimmy Henchman]," Dexter Isaac told AllHipHop.com from prison. "I am trying to clean it up to give [Tupac and Biggie's] mothers some closure."

Had to pour one out for Pac today. Especially hearing this news. Happy 40th, thug!

Vancouver Riot Firework Nutshot

Hits it right on the head; pun intended. The real problem with the Vancouver riots is that the glorified mounties trying to break it up aren't doing shit. Tear gas here, batons there. Now I've been in 2 outstanding riots in my life and EL/State of Michigan/Ingham County/Okemos/ MSU cops don't play games. They fucking throw flash bangs that make kids vomit. If you're in a 500ft radius of these things, you're in the fetal position and zip tied. I've been tear gassed twice before and it's obscene, but was this all these Canadian guys were packin? Like in 2007, when MSU bball lost in the second round of the dance and Cedar Village was lit on fire, cops were shooting crowd control netting on groups of unruly bros to hog tie 15 at a time. Like the tear gas was a warning shot, not a last resort. Kids were chanting "Gas us! Gas us!", just begging for it.  Everyone that was a part of the 2005 riot was seemingly immune and craving more. It was almost a badge of honor to have been gassed before.  Just as I'm typing this, ESPN is saying "(rioters) came with gasoline tanks and eye goggles. They had a plan." Come the fuck on. It was only 1 car on fire. In EL there was multiple couches and dumpsters on fire in a 4 block complex. Shit was Hades. Kids vomiting on their friend who is seizing and catatonic. Girls punching cops and screaming until they're hog tied. C'mon Vancouver. MSU basketball is just one out of about 9 teams worth rioting over in Michigan. Hockey is all you have. Sack up and put your life on the line. But no, Vancouver police and rioters alike both merely showed up, and true to their team, gave very little effort. Way to Luongo life, Vancouver.


Rebecca Black wants "Friday" all to herself, it seems, requesting that YouTube take down the viral video that made her famous. "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black," reads the Web page that once held the pop tune so bad it was marvelous. "Sorry about that." The dispute is over who own rights to Rebecca's image, according to TMZ, which got confirmation from the Black team that a takedown notice had been submitted as a result of a "dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the 'Friday' video." Ark Music Factory produced the tune as part of a package purchased by Rebecca's family. After logging more than 167 million free "Friday" views via its YouTube account, Ark earlier this week introduced a $2.99 three-day rental fee for the video — this after Mama Black in April threatened Ark with a lawsuit over master copies of the recording and sales of "Friday" ring tones, Popeater said.

OKay, seriously? This is really happening? Like my week already wasn't shitty enough, Rebecca Black has to go and pull this shit on me? Not a cool move. Girl got more publicity she could've ever dreamed of off this weekender ballad, and now she's crying foul. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think after about 10 million youtube views you start getting paaaaiiiidd. Like rapper money. If Kim Kardashian can charge $25K per tweet, Becky coulda made twice that per live performance. Coulda paid off college, her parents' house and retired early off of a 3 month road trip. Don't get me wrong; Ark Music really asked for a piece and tried to take the whole kitchen, which deserves a 5 minute major at best. But if the NFL lockout has taught me anything its this: when the pie's this big, there's no need to fight over the crumbs. 

15 June 2011

DeShawn Stevenson Parties like a MAN!

Dallas Mavericks shooting guard DeShawn Stevenson was arrested for public intoxication in Irving, Texas, on Tuesday night, two days after the franchise won its first NBA championship.

Irving police were called to the Grand Venetian apartment complex at about 10:30 p.m. CT after receiving a call to report an intoxicated person walking in the area. Officers reported that Stevenson, who does not live at the complex, appeared intoxicated and did not know where he was.   
Full Story>>

Cant give a guy a break can ya? Dude just won a championship, raped LeBron and Co from behind the arc, had a shirt made that got him on DtownBroCO, and you wanna knock him for liking to party? Here at The Coalition, we condone such behavior. Like honestly, who hasn’t slammed a bunch of lunch boxes and wandered over to an ex gf’s house when she stopped answering your drunk dials? I know at least 2 dozen Bros who party harder than this on any given Saturday, not to mention the night the Wildcats won the Mt. Pleasant 2010 C League Championship. Wildest night ever! But this is the NBA championship! I've seen the aftermath of these parties, fellas are just ruthless (see Dominic Hasek circa 2002 Stanley Cup). If I won a professional sports championship you can bet your sweet little asses I’d be Stone Cold Steve Austin-ing beers on a whim and snatchin up every bro-ette I can find. So hats off to you DeShawn, for doin it big and doin it right. If this were mid season or mid playoffs then yeah I’d be calling for his head if I were a Mavs fan. But its a celebration bitches; go ape shit!

Hey DeShawn! How's Your Drink Taste?

Full Article

During an interview with Dallas’s 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday, DeShawn Stevenson was asked about the Mavericks’ epic South Beach party after winning the title.

“Actually, I didn’t go out,” Stevenson said. “I go out a lot but I didn’t go out that night. I didn’t go to the party because my wife wasn’t there, she’s pregnant and I don’t think she can fly right now, so I’m not gonna go out and celebrate while she’s home. I already felt bad....I mean, I missed being there as a family, I know it was a good time, but at the same time I’m happy we got that championship. If my wife did come, she’s pregnant, we can’t be in the club like that. Somebody could push her, she could slip. It’s not a good look.” [...] Anyhow, inevitably, comes Wednesday’s news that Stevenson was arrested for public intoxication by Irving police, who “found him wandering disoriented in an apartment complex.” The Dallas Morning News wrote that Stevenson did not know where he was. Not a good look.

DeShawn Stevenson was arrested for being too drunk? Didn't the cops know he just won the NBA Championship? Maybe it would have helped if the cops actually knew who he is. Isn't going out after a huge win, or accomplishing anything great for that matter, status quo? I mean if we win our beer league hockey championship, I might not make it into work on Thursday. Might as well just arrest me as soon as I untie my skates. I mean, boys will be boys.

14 June 2011

Be Like Dirk

13 June 2011

Audrina's in the D...So you're tellin me there's a chance....

Bikini-clad Audrina Patridge was soaking up some sun by a pool in Los Angeles a few years ago when a reality TV producer spotted the aspiring model-actress. It was a chance meeting that ultimately led to a six-season run on the smash MTV series "The Hills."

These days, Patridge has traded her MTV gig in Hollywood for a web series in Detroit. Yet the 26-year-old beauty continues to attract attention — and maybe an occasional fan melee.

Last week at an airport in Mexico, she was overrun by fans, and earlier this week in Detroit, Patridge had an encounter with a group of prom-going teens at a bakery in the city's Greektown section.

Could this be the second chance I've been waiting 3 long years for?? Could it be Divine Intervention that Audrina just so happens to be filming a low budget, made-for-internet TV show right here in the D?? Let's hope so, cuz this could really be my golden ticket. For those of you asking what in the blue hell am I talking about; allow me to bring you up to speed:
A few summers ago we were in Sin City for a Bro's birthday. In the midst of the blackouts, the $500 strip club nights and being kicked out of the nightclub and tossed into an alley, I was able to test my luck with her. In the pool at Treasure Island, while we befriended a group of what was either Bros straight from Ireland or Bro's with astonishing fake Irish accents that would put mine to shame, we noticed a small gathering of scrubs around an extremely gorgeous girl in water. One of the lads said "Thats that Audrina girl from The Hills." Sure as Shit: It was! Pat (honorary bro of the Coalition) made the point that if I didn't say anything to her, I'd regret it forever. It was no sooner than I realized he was right, that Cuci's dad suggested I use the line he taught me. Nervous, scared, and about a .16 BAC I walked up to her, put my arm on the small of her back and said I had a question for her. After an enthusiastic "Okay!", I verbally vomited "Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?" Clearly puzzled, she responded with "ummmmm..." when I chimed with "enough to break the ice. My name is Steve these are my friends Pat and Anthony" She leaned forward with laughter and I knew I had made a great impression...
Now what happened after that is hearsay at this point. Some will tell you I was star-struck and panicked. I personally believe that I just didn't expect that line to work as well as it did, and it caught me off guard. Either way the conversation ended shortly after and I've been waiting for my chance at redemption. And now it's come! There's not a doubt in my mind she remembers that encounter; it was fucking golden! So I'll leave this blog open ended as I scour the city for my second chance. She left TV for the internet so you know she's lowered her standards by now. And if 6 years business school has taught me ANYTHING its that you buy low and sell high. Throw Some STEVE on that Bitch!

"Hey LeBron! How's My Dirk Taste?"

Probably like sweat socks
and sauerkraut. No homo.
After poking and prodding Miami Heat forward LeBron James throughout the 2011 NBA Finals, Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson got in one final shot following Dallas' NBA title.

The Mavericks closed out the series on Sunday night with a 105-95 win in Game 6 before taking to South Beach club LIV to celebrate with the Larry O'Brien trophy.

On Monday, the Mavericks flew home to Dallas, where Stevenson was spotted wearing a Mavericks blue and white t-shirt with lettering that read: "Hey LeBron! How's my Dirk taste?"

That slogan is an obvious reference to a Shaquille O'Nealfreestyle rap. O'Neal used the line, "Hey Kobe, tell me how my a** taste" to mock his former teammate with the Los Angeles LakersKobe Bryant.

To add a play on teammate Dirk Nowitzki's name here is incredibly inspired work from Stevenson, who may well have created a legacy for himself as "The Guy Who Got Into LeBron's Head Completely" in these 2011 NBA Finals.

The most underrated part of this shirt is that it bears the sponsorship of HDNet, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's television station. It's almost like Cuban is personally endorsing the joke.

This series has been beaten to death by the media. Just shoved down your throat 'til you vom. LeBron this, Heat that. I've hardly heard anything about the team that actually won it all. Who did Miami even play again? I digress... This shirt says it all; sums up the entire series. Congrats, Mavs. May no one ever speak of this series again, or I'll smack you with my Dirk.

A True Freshmen: The Le'veon Bell Story

Michigan State Running Backs

10 June 2011

I feel ya Home Girl... Meow

09 June 2011


THIS has to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard of! Planking is the unofficial official Coalition weird thing to do this summer. Now, if you know WildSteve, you KNOW how much I love doing weird shit (finger guns, made-up dances, peeing the bed, etc.), and according to the wikipedia article,so does the rest of the world. Well it's about time everyone caught up to my curve! Wanna plank?! It's easy. Just lay facedown somewhere with your hands at your side. So

simple, yet so thoroughly entertaining.

So this is where the Coalition comes in...

I wanna see our followers planking things whenever and wherever they can. I'm sure we have an email address that you can send your pictures in to and we will post the good ones on the site. You'll be a semi-local celebrity (among Windows and Firefox users in the US and Canda- our most dominant market share)! And hey, what the hell; you send in a request of places/things you want to see us plank, we'll fucking do it!


Seriously.... so funny

08 June 2011

Pistons Targeting Isiah

"While Knicks fans fret about the possibility of Isiah Thomas returning to New York, the Detroit Pistons are considering Thomas for their vacant head coaching position, according to league sources. Thomas is not the leading candidate, sources say, but he is on Detroit's short list along with Mike Woodson, Kelvin Sampson and his former Pistons teammate Bill Laimbeer. Thomas, currently the head coach at Florida International University, made headlines this past weekend after the Knicks announced on Friday that Donnie Walsh would not return as the club's president and general manager. Because of Thomas' close relationship with Knicks owner James Dolan, there was speculation that Thomas could regain control of the Knicks.  Sources close to the Knicks' situation insist that Thomas will not be re-hired as the team's president or general manager and Thomas told ESPNNewYork.com's Ian O'Connor on Friday that he has "no desire to return" to the Knicks as president or as Walsh's replacement. Thomas served as the New York's president in a controversial reign from 2003-2008 that left him among the most hated sports figures in recent New York history. That is not the case, however, in Detroit, where Thomas led the Pistons to back-to-back championships in 1989 and 1990. Widely regarded as the greatest player in franchise history, the Hall of Famer could return to a club that has suffered through three straight losing seasons."
What happened to GZA Dumars? This guy couldn't do anything wrong a few years ago, I just hope this is some kind of joke. I don't get the "he's our guy" argument, when he shows up and completely bombs, it'll suck less cause he won a couple titles for us 20 years ago? Probably getting ahead of my self but I just don't want this conversation to continue one step further.

07 June 2011


I bet he wishes he was sporting  maize
 and blue on signing day in 2008. 
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Terrelle Pryor's career at Ohio State, which started with so much promise and potential, came to an abrupt and scandal-ridden end. The Ohio State quarterback announced through his attorney Tuesday that he would not play for the Buckeyes this season. He had already been suspended for the first five games for breaking NCAA rules by accepting improper benefits from the owner of a tattoo parlor. "In the best interests of my teammates, I've made the decision to forgo my senior year of football at The Ohio State University," Pryor said in a statement issued the image of Buckeyes football. James said entering the next NFL supplemental draft is Pryor's "desire." But James acknowledged labor uncertainty could lead to consideration of the Canadian Football League or working with a personal quarterback coach first. James said Pryor told him of the decision within the hour and that Pryor said it was "in the best interest of my teammates."The Cleveland Plain Dealer first reported Pryor's announcement.The NCAA is looking into all aspects of Ohio State's once-glittering program, from cash and tattoos to players, cars deals for athletes and other potential violations. Pryor's announcement comes just eight days after Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel was forced to resign for knowing about the players' improper benefits but not telling any of his superiors.
Shouldn't this decision have been made months ago? I mean at this point what is integrity? Did a verbal commitment to a lying coach really mean anything? Dude coulda got drafted and none of this scandal would mean anything. Now what? Toting guns like Maurice Clarett or straight to the USFL? Either way, there is nothing prestigious in his near future. I hope pushing around miracle whips was worth it, bro.

iOS 5...Wow Is This Nice

by Jacob Allen
Probably after I deal with this...
I am a Microsoft Windows man.  Always have been, and always will be.  About 3 years ago a person I will not name duped me into buying and iPhone.  Here I am 3 generations later blogging about an Apple product, but even the "Mac Hater"s can't talk too much trash anymore.  The iPhone and now the iPad are just industry leading products.  Now we get iOS 5??  Very impressive.

Apple is ahead of the curve.  At the WWDC 2011 Keynote today, Steve Jobs claimed 200 new features are to highlight iOS 5...that seems like a lot.  Maybe more than what's real....but, as an iPhone user myself I definitely cant wait a few of the features.

What I see so far is uber cool, and I can't wait to get this puppy on my phone.  I'm sure ill have an iOS 5 beta build in a few days.  Heres the top tweaks I see so far.

1. Simple Animated Notifications

2. Universal Swipe Down Notification Menu

3. Interactive Lock Screen