10 March 2011

Detroit's Positive Change Has Offically Hit the Air Waves

The media is catching on brothers and Detroit’s local 7 Action News Team proves it, as they were the 1st news team to start broadcasting to the world, how badass Detroit is.

Fuck Anderson Copper and Bill O’reilly man, not one of them puts in enough effort to uncover what will be the world’s most inspirational feel good story.

You need a real hard working news team to uncover that kind a story, a news team that doesn’t fuck around when it comes to breaking news. The kind of news team that knows what struggle is, a kind of news team that was breed straight from the mean streets of Detroit.

There are only two reporters who put in the elbow greased required to uncover a story of this magnitude in such an early stage of the reformation. That’s right, I am talking about Detroit’s very own Dave LewAllen and the always sexy Ms. Glenda Lewis.

They just reported last night on the Hostel being built in Detroit, MI. Become a fan of their facebook page by click here.

Just like every great city Detroit now has an affordable place for travelers who want to come be part of a youth movement that is 100% committed to making Detroit the most inspirational city in the world. I for one am incredibly excited for this and am looking forward to staying here for a night to really take in the city. Check out the news covering by the country’s most hard working news team.

What kind of experience do you think people staying at this hostel in 10 years will have? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Mike Breezy said...

I think people staying at this Hostel in 10 years are going to have the opportunity to be inspired by the local artist whose work will been seen every where in the city.

Richie Rich said...

I'm proposing the dtbc squad staying a night at the hostel after a night out on the town. You guys down?

Mike Breezy said...

That is for sure going to happen. You know what I might even sponsor a Follower of the blog to come along for the ride. I would pay for their drinks and shower them with compliments, all I would ask for in return is when we go to bed for the night I am big spoon.

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