11 October 2011

So Long, Maggs...

Well, I know I'm a day late. But after celebrating the big MNF game last night; I got up, and decided to take the next 8 hours to recover...at my place of employment. So needless to say, I haven't had much time to keep you guys up to date on the Detroit Sports front. But this news is a bit saddening to me to be completely honest. Magglio Ordonez re-injured his ankle that he broke last season, likely ending his career. One of my all-time favorite Tigers. His last 2 seasons here may have been nothing to jump about, but remember what he did for us over his tenure in the D. A batting title (or two?), a phenomenal catch to help Justin Verlander secure a No No in 2007, and of course, the 3-run shot one October night in 2006. Guy single-handedly carried us to the World Series that year. So on behalf of The Coalition, hat's off to you Maggs. Your dirty Latino mullet flowing in the wind as you ran to the dog pile at home plate after one of the most clutch walk-off performances ever will forever be embedded in the minds of Tigers fans.


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