24 February 2012

Combine, Schmombine

The NFL combine is so lackluster. I feel like everything I hear about it is how a lot of the drills aren't really important in assessing a player. so this year there's only 2 aspects of the combine that I'll keep an eye out for.

1. 225 lb bench press - I wanna see how many times these guys can bench 225 solely to compare it to my boy Cuci. I'll see how many times he can throw it up and assess real strength from there. Like Mark Sanchez prolly ripped it 8 times, Cuci could probably do about 22, I would guess. Sanchez: pussy, Cuci: man. But then there's Former Alabama RB Trent Richardson who reps 480 lbs on the reg because "they won't let me go no higher". I bet he gives 225 a ride for about 40 reps.

2. Rich Eisen's 40 yard dash time -

For the past couple years, NFL Network's Rich Eisen has ran a 40 and let NFL Network cover it. In and of itself, this idea is hilarious and brilliant television, but I can't help to feel some disdain for Rich when I heard about this. In 2011, Rich ran a 6.18 second 40. That's pretty damn good, but I'll be damned if I let a 42 year old, University of Michigan grad out run me in the 40. I'd like to think I could crack 5.875 seconds, but reality is, it's probably closer to 6. You better believe I will be running the 40 every year from now on, this time of year, to see if I can beat Rich, and if I don't I might just retire athletics for life.


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