15 February 2012

RIP Whitney....(I guess?)

Now let me be clear, I'm not blowing off Whitney Houston's death as just another insignificant story. She did die too soon and had an awesome voice. But I'm not gonna praise her life and light a candle cuz she's gone (she's no MJ). But she did make one of my favorite dance songs of all time. "I wanna dance with somebody" is timeless to say the least. Any time I hear this after 3 vodka/waters, I just GOTTA Dance! No matter the time of day or venue. This. Gets. Me. Going! If anything there's now more reason to play this song 4 times a night for the next 6 weekends.

And how did I not know how AWESOME this video is! I'm gonna drunk blog this video on my phone on the reg. Live on location at some shitty bar in Royal Oak. @WildWildSteve #GetAtMe


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