04 August 2011

Crazy Game of Poker

 New York Yankees third baseman Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez is in hot water yet again, as Major League Baseball officials were investigating Wednesday allegations that he took part in illegal celebrity poker games.

Star Magazine reported last month that several people saw the three-time American League "most valuable player" taking part in poker games at Hollywood hotels and private residences.
Cocaine was often used at these games, according to Star, and the players had at least one violent altercation.
Other participants in this group of poker played reportedly includes Hollywood stars Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, but Star reported they did not play in the same games as Rodriguez.
A spokesman for Rodriguez denied the allegations.
However, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig reportedly warned Rodriguez in 2006 to not play in high-profile poker games.
These new charges tried some New Yorkers' patience, as they remembered how Rodriguez previously admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs.

Wow, OAR really foreshadowed this one, eh? A game of poker where you lose it all. Nothing like having the highest paid player in the league potentially getting suspended during a pennant race. Sounds like quite a party, though. A-list celebs blowing yay with a half a milli on the table, sitting on deuce-seven waiting for the river to flop a payday. I bet it was that fuckin Toby McGuire getting violent, trying to go Spiderman on some Orange County house dad when he doesn't flop a winner. Don't don't spend all that no way these guys are really there to play poker. Just an excuse to get outta the house, away from the dime piece they're sick of banging, to bro with the bros. Can't really blame the guy. When you're a bajillionaire, it's equivalent to guys like us just throwing down a 20 spot to drink 15 beers and forget about being a corporate cubicle monkey. Happy trails, Yankee fans. I wish the Tigers end up playing the Yanks in the ALDS now that there's a huge distraction burdening one of the favorites to go the distance. And Arod thought Cameron Diaz feeding him popcorn was embarrassing.