12 September 2011

Best Weekend Ever?

The smell of fall in the air really does something to me, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe because it means that all 4 major sports are either in full swing or just about to be. This weekend was a clear cut example of why Detroit is one of the best sports cities in the world. Now, being a fan of the state of Michigan, I get ecstatic when I see MSU football put on a clinic
against FAU, on top of the brilliance that was the first ever night game at The Big House. Game was down right riveting! So much so to the point where it caused a full on brawl at The Future between two die-hard Michigan fans. Haymakers and neck biting were shortly followed by projectile vomiting and apologies. Eerily reminiscent of the MSU/Notre Dame game of '06 at East Lansing where MdotNetz may or may not have broken my nose. I digress.

The Lions got a big fat W on the first game of the season; on the road of all places! Shit hasn't happened since the Bush administration! Stafford did manage to make me shart a bit when he limped off the field, but further diagnosis ruled it a cramp and he was back in action. Megatron and Staff Infection were hooking up for half-donzens just like I'd envisioned since Stafford was drafted. All the "processes"
were completed, and the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid tasted Oh so good!

And not to mention the Tigers putting together a Re-Dickulous string of wins, that of which the club hasn't attained since, whens that? You guessed it! 1984. You know, the year on one of those isosceles triangle flags flying high above CoPa. (As we speak, the Tigs are on the verge of winning their 10th straight for the first time since when? 1968! At the expense of
a 14-2 BEATDown of the ChiSox).

And these guys aren't just #winning. They're
finding every which way possible to pull it off. Grand slams, onslaughts of runs, come-backs and walk-offs. Even the Motor City's favorite .198 hitter went yardsale to win one. That's right, the blindest of squirrels, Brandon Inge, is putting balls into play when it counts. Yeahh budddyy. You can find WildSteve in the cheap seats for game 1 of the ALDS. And you can probably find him again in the mezzanine bathroom walking in the out door and peeing in the sink. It just might be one of those kind of postseasons!

And all this happens to fall on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. A day unlike any other, where the feelings of unity and patriotism couldn't possibly be higher. Proud to be a Detroiter. Proud to be an American. Best. Weekend. Ever.


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