29 September 2011

Til I Collapse

We ALL love the Red Sox legendary COLLAPSE! Just poetic justice that Carl Crawford blows the game late and then like 5 minutes later Evan Longoria walks it off to sneak Tampa Bay into the playoffs. I just love watching the most hated team in the league implode in the 9th with their ace at the helm. Even better is watching Papelbon wipe that fucking smug grin off his face when he throws meatballs in the most important game of the year.

Enough about you, how about US? The Tigers are set to face the Yankees in the ALDS. Bring it, you group of washed up bastards. I couldn't be more confident. Tigers are blazing into the postseason, while they're matching up with the Yanks who are limping in. Verlander and Fister on the bump slanging heat for games 1 and 2 will kick off our October run the right way. I say Tigers in 4. Eat 'Em Up boys!


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