19 September 2011

Let's Get Ready to Mumble!

In case you missed it, here's the replay of the Mayweather cheap shot on Victor Ortiz this weekend. Talk about an early dose of head trauma-induced Parkinson's. Nothing like getting a swift one-two from possibly the most ferocious boxer of our time. How about the balls on this old ass man? May is right; HBO should fire him. Can't have a bonafide lunatic on the payroll. One of the most senile bastards in the world. Who in their right mind tells Floyd Mayweather Jr. that he wishes he was younger so he could kick his ass. Utter disrespect. If I was May, the old man would be shitting teeth through a colostomy bag while he's in a coma for the last few weeks of his life.

Cheap shot? Of course. At least this one went 4 rounds. If you bought the fight, you still got your money's worth. With past hyped fights that wasn't the case. Try explaining to a house full of blackout drunk frat boys that they still have to pay up even though Pacquio made Hatton projectile vomit his teeth into the front row 50 seconds into the fight, a few years ago. Not gonna happen.

It's only a matter of time now until Manny Pacquio man's up and agrees to the most anticipated fight in the last 20 years. Karma's a bitch, so Money May will need to keep that head on a swivel, but he's definitely gonna give Pacquio the most bang for his buck.


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