10 March 2011

Gas Pumps are for Chumps!

Well I've been on facebook for about 9 minutes today and I've already seen 3 different groups/events proposing a boycott of buying gas this week. Is this shit for real? Do people comply with these requests. I get it, gas prices are fucking outrageous and a little piece of me dies every time I fill my tank. But can you really afford to boycott gas? I don't know about the rest of you hippies, but I depend on my car to get me to and from work on time. I need gas in my car. The only way I could boycott gas on a day is if I filled up the day before; and even then doesn't it defy the purpose of a boycott? You're not sending a message by refusing to buy gas one day and then filling up the next. People do that shit all the time.

And if you do boycott gas, get everyone on the same page at least. Ive seen three different FB pages suggesting that it happen on three different days. This is a crap-shoot, at best. I can guarantee that the BP by my work is still lined up with cars trying to get gas every day this week as it usually does (seriously its the only gas station within 3 square miles and right off I-75, its a 40 minute ordeal getting a fill there). So go boycott your gas purchases all weekend, but when push comes to shove and you got places to see and people to do, you'll be filling up at $3.59 a gallon. Shit, you'll probably use your credit card and end up paying $3.69. I'll be in-and out of the pumps with a full tank so fast it'll make your head spin.


C-Bus said...

thanks wild steve, this has pissed me off for sometime, i'm glad you addressed the topic.

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