29 September 2011

Sleep Good

When you come across the center of the ice with your head down, expect to snore. Brendan Smith is just doing what you're taught to do since you're 10 years old. Either let the man or the puck by you, but never both. I think the Blackhawks Ben Smith is most at fault here. Maybe you should worry less about curling and dragging around in a preseason game and more about the 200 pound brick shit house coming full steam, ready to separate your grill from your body. Brendan Smith is comparable to Ndamukong Suh in the sense that he's just bigger and better than you. You can't hold it against the guy. He's trying to solidify a starting spot, and he should go all out every opportunity he gets. Brendan Smith will be the face of this franchise some day, mark my words.


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