07 September 2011

Madden '12 simulates kittehs in the Playoffs!

From Yahoo! Sports:

According to the simulations, the Packers will top the NFC with a 13-3 record, while the Steelers will boast the same win-loss ratio. The Philadelphia Eagles will be right on their heels, however, posting a 12-4 record and earning a first-round playoff bye thanks in part to Vick, who Madden sees throwing 29 touchdowns and passing for a career-high 4,000 yards. And that, the simulator says, will help him earn MVP honors.

The Steelers will face similar competition from the New England Patriots, who also will have a 12-4 season after a strong season from Tom Brady.

New Orleans and St. Louis will take the other NFC divisions, while the Atlanta Falcons will secure the fifth seed. And the Detroit Lions, who haven't played in the postseason in 12 years, will take the other wildcard, according to the game.

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If anyone knows anything about football, they know that the Madden game is the most acceptable substitute for actual NFL action. So we can't just take it with a grain of salt when the game simulated the Detroit Lions, yes our Detroit Lions, in the Playoffs! Playoffs?! You wanna talk about Playoffs?! Yes. I want to talk about playoffs. Lions season is just around the corner and I got them at 10-6. Could very well be enough to edge that last Wild Card spot in the NFC. So pour me a long tall glass of blue kool-aid spiked with the cheapest vodka you can find that isn't Mohawk. Serve me up a slice of that corn bread with some extra butter, and lets watch our boys in blue change this towns perception on football!

Editor's Note:

In no way, shape or form am I a supporter of Frank Caliendo. This guy is just a hair above Carlos Mencia and George Lopez on my hierarchy of people I think are funny. Dude hit the jackpot when FOX gave him a deal to work the pregame shows with Terry and company. I give zero fucks about who his picks are each week, but I gotta admit the man does a pretty spot-on John Madden impression.


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