03 January 2012

2013 Winter Classic in the D?!

From Yahoo! Sports:

The worst-kept secret around Citizens Bank Park during the 2012 NHL Winter Classic was thatIlya Bryzgalov is clinically insane.

The second worst-kept secret is that the next Winter Classic will be in Detroit next January.

It's at a point where people associated with the League speak about it with inevitability. In fact, Tom Wilson — President and CEO of Olympia Entertainment, which handles business operations for the Detroit Red Wings — was seen on-site in Philadelphia.

Where will it be held? Who will the Red Wings play? Where does the NHL go after that with its outdoor game?

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Provided the Mayans aren't right and we're all still alive for this; this could be the single biggest thing to hit the D since the Superbowl! And/or Wrestlemania. I mean, could you imagine HBO crews following around Bertuzzi and Babcock while they drop F-bombs on a whim? Could Datsyuk's interpretation of anything rival Bryzgalov's monologue on the Universe? Well all that will remain to be seen. But believe you me, get an original Six team to dance with the Wings Jan 1 at CoPa and I'll buy 30 tickets. Flip them son bitches real quick for some extra beer/merchandise scratch. If we play Toronto and one of these Canadiens decide to go in the "OUT" door at Comerica you better give Netz his space. He'll rip a mans jawbone off. I seent it!

If the rumor mill turns out to be true I'll use some of my inside sources to get some of the best seats available! Bettman better get on his horse. After all, the conditions in the D are perfect for an outdoor game of puck...


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