28 May 2011

Rip Hamilton Is Rumored To Be On His Way Out....Again?

This time It's apparently in a 3 team MEGA DRAFT DAY DEAL for the ages.  Wait...I'm confused.  Isn't Rip always on his way out of Detroit or involved in some sort of trade rumor.  Let me answer that one.  Yes, he is.  I am less confident that this trade will go through than I am confident it will....or any trade for rip will ever go though.

It really is a double edged sword because sure he gets paid too much and is on the decline, but has everybody forgotten him as a/the KEY and i mean KKEEEEEYYYY part of a team that won me....and i guess the rest of the city...an NBA championship?

All this hype around the Heat and all the glitz and glamor of the NBA finals....well that was us year after year and in 2004 we took that shit down.  Personally...I think Rip deserves what ever Rip wants.  He won me a title....and for that I am forever indebted to him.  Just like I am to Ben, just like I am to Tayshaun, and just like I would still be to Rasheed if he were still hoopin professionally.  Chauncey is a whole different story.  He was the glue and the lone superstar on that squad.  We owe him more than the others....but I still hold onto hope that ill see #1 suit up in red white and blue again.

Back to Rip.....Here are his top ten greatest playoff performances:

No. 10 -- Game 6 at Miami In The 2006Eastern Conference Finals
No. 9 -- Game 4 at Milwaukee In The 2004 Eastern Conference Playoffs 1st Round
No. 8 -- Game 5 Versus MIL In The 2006 Eastern Conference Playoffs 1st Round
No. 7 -- Game 2 Versus Orlando in The 2003 Eastern Conference Playoffs 1st Round
No. 6 -- Game 6 at Indiana In The 2005 Eastern Conference Semifinals
No. 5 -- Game 4 at Orlando In The 2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals
No. 4 -- Game 6 at San Antonio in The 2005 NBA Finals
No. 3 -- Game 6 Versus Indiana in The 2004 Eastern Conference Semifinals
No. 2 -- Game 3 Versus The L.A. Lakers In The 2004 NBA Finals
...and No. 1 -- Game 5 at Indiana In The 2004 Eastern Conference Finals

Rip, if you do get traded (or when you get traded) before you go...thank you. I speak on behalf of myself, my dtown bros, and the GREAT city of Detroit. You gave it your all for so many years. We wish you the best. We are all confident that you will stick your next gig like you stick your mid range J.


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