06 January 2012

Two the hard way...

So apparently this video has gone viral (according to an article on Yahoo!). Someone taped a shitty high school basketball game and recorded 6 "flagrant" fouls that weren't called. Now I saw this and expected way more blood and carnage than this. I mean this kid honestly just did what he was supposed to do. He's the biggest dude on the court full of white dudes. Coach probably brings him in for one job and one job only; no easy buckets. All these just look like poor attempts at blocked shots by and uncoordinated fat kid, and a few cases of pure strenth overpowering these little guys. Keep up the good work and make em score two the hard way. I wonder what the scoreboard was on this?

On a side note: Yahoo! said this has gone viral? Youtube only had 33,000 views. I thought viral was half a mil at least? ANYWAY Im outtie for the weekend. Go Wildcats. Go Lions. Get weird.


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