28 May 2011


By C-Bus

Somehow Elway -- the Denver Broncos vice president and Hall-of-Fame quarterback -- became aware of the Fort Collins, Colo., punk band "Elway", and decided he's just not cool with the group using his surname.

The Broncos legend’s lawyer has requested that the band change its name, but stopped short of suing or issuing a cease and desist order.

The band, to its credit, was mostly amused. In a 
statement released via punknews.org, the band acknowledged the letter and suggested Elway had better things to do in the wake of the Broncos' disastrous 2010 season.

"We have no intention of changing the name again. We love the name, regardless of what connotations are inferred by the listener. Surely, if the Dead Kennedys could become one of punk's most popular bands without incurring litigation, Elway can keep their moniker and continue making so-so music for our dozens of fans to enjoy."

Score a point for Elway -- the band, that is. And now the group has now received more press than it ever would have had Elway minded his own business. There have to be quite a few people perusing the band's MySpace site, rocking out to songs like "Wolf Shirt," which to be honest, isn't a bad little jam.

Yes, start demanding things of the kids in the punk band. If there is one thing these guys respond well to it's adults and jocks.


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