25 January 2012

Coach Izzo's 400th Win!

Class act! Izzo mentions Coach K, Judd Heathcoat, Tubby Smith, Mateen Cleaves, and Draymond Green, to name a few. Just completely humble the whole time; cool as a cucumber. I love how he calls the milestone, "just a number." Well coach, it's a Hall of Fame number, don't be so modest.

P.S.  I shook Izzo's hand at Ford Field one time during an MSU football game. Softest hands in the business. It's one of those things where I literally contemplated not washing my hand for weeks, but I was super drunk and had to piss like 15 minutes later. I'll never forgive myself for drunkenly making the mistake to wash my hands in the Ford Field bathroom, and tainting the closest I'll ever come to the Midas touch.

P.S.S Gus Johnson's commentary was just killing it all night. His game is PROPER! Is it March yet?


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