15 August 2011

Indiana State Fair Tragedy

It's not everyday you attend a concert and have the thought in your mind that you might not return home. This was reality for several attendees to an Indiana State Fair concert that featured country artist Sugarland this previous weekend as 4 were killed and several dozens injured in a freak stage collapse. Currently blamed on the weather, the stage collapsed minutes before Sugarland took stage. Investigators are currently looking into the factors that caused this incident. 60 mph winds and a heavy thunderstorm, structural flaws, and damage to the equipment are all factors that are being looked into. Investigators are also looking into whether or not fair officials took proper precautions as a severe thunderstorm watch was issued 3 hours before the incident took several lives.

Most of those injured or killed had VIP tickets to the concert. The majority fled the area after the collapse; however, many rushed back into the rubble attempting to save those unfortunately stuck in the fallen stage. Indiana state Governor Mitch Daniels stated in reference to the incident, "Many hoosiers in the crowd had tried to save those who were trapped under rigging. There was a hero every ten feet on Saturday night, I cannot tell you how proud I am to be the employee of six and a half million people like that".

In hindsight, many fair-goers and safety officers believe wholeheartedly that the incident could have been prevented with proper actions by fair officials. One Indiana resident that attended the concert stated, "It could have been prevented if the place had been evacuated properly. They knew the weather was coming. They should have evacuated it fast".

Whether or not this was a careless act by fair officials, we mourn the death of those killed last Saturday night and hope this type of an incident does not happen again. Indiana state fair re-opened its doors shortly after the collapse and ran through Sunday night.


Snake said...

how many lives is "several"?

Anonymous said...

it seems like it was the first 4 or 5 rows

MCast2014 said...

i've read up to 12 were injured and 4 killed as of now

MCast2014 said...

*more recent article states 5 were killed

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