09 June 2011


THIS has to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard of! Planking is the unofficial official Coalition weird thing to do this summer. Now, if you know WildSteve, you KNOW how much I love doing weird shit (finger guns, made-up dances, peeing the bed, etc.), and according to the wikipedia article,so does the rest of the world. Well it's about time everyone caught up to my curve! Wanna plank?! It's easy. Just lay facedown somewhere with your hands at your side. So

simple, yet so thoroughly entertaining.

So this is where the Coalition comes in...

I wanna see our followers planking things whenever and wherever they can. I'm sure we have an email address that you can send your pictures in to and we will post the good ones on the site. You'll be a semi-local celebrity (among Windows and Firefox users in the US and Canda- our most dominant market share)! And hey, what the hell; you send in a request of places/things you want to see us plank, we'll fucking do it!


Seriously.... so funny


Anonymous said...

I'd rather be Planking

Leez said...

i thoroughly enjoy planking....sober or drunk.

Snake said...

Planking works here and planking works there. I like to plank pretty much anywhere.

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