09 July 2011

Exit The Ming Dynasty

Wu-Tang Yao aint notin' to fuck wit
Yao Ming, the largest import we've ever adopted from the far east, announced today that he is going to hang up the size 18's and hobble away from the NBA on whatever knees and ankles he's got left.

I like you Yao. You were an unreal basketball player. 8 time all-star...and despite the biased Chinese fan voting, probably deserved about 7 of them. I'm watching NBAtv right now and there was a legitimate discussion on whether you make the basketball hall or not. Probably won't, but with career averages close to 20 9 and 2...again, the 8 all star selections...5 all pro nods on top of that, not to mention that you were the NBA's #1 pick in 02.  You COULD make the hall and that's quite an accomplishment in itself.

You swatted shots like a Tasmanian devil. You could successfully post up in the block and dominate the best bigs my country had to offer like Shaquille and Tim D, but if they would just camp in the paint your silky 3 ball would get soaking wet on command. You brought NBA basketball to 3 billion, herrow please, Chinese people...and you did it all without complaining or griping.

Ill tell you what boss, you made a believer out of me. Snake is on board and bummed to see you take off.  Seems like just yesterday you were a pup, and early on there seemed to be no end in sight for the Ming Dynasty.

Job well done.

Your actions have permanently paved the way from China to the States, in a basketball sense, and have inspired a whole nation to get out there and shoot some hoops.

Sorry about the foot and knee problems. I'm pretty sure that's a direct result of the whole being 7'6" and whatnot. So go home.  Enjoy it.

Note: I spelled "production" wrong at the end of the video. Excuse the error.


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