14 December 2011

May Your Time in Detroit RIP

Its officially the dawn of a new(er) era in Detroit Basketball as Rip Hamilton signed with the Bulls today. Ending his 9ish seasons as a Piston. Sure this dude has had more than his fair share of problems the last few years. Making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But as one of the few remaining TRUE Pistons fans, I'd like to wish him all the best on behalf of The Coalition. Rip was the team's leading scorer year after year, leading playoff scorer for the franchise, and was a corner-stone for the team that brought us back a Championship in 2004. His conditioning and style of play made it damn near impossible for a single person to guard him all game; thus helping define the "go to work" attitude of a team that had a 6-year run at the Eastern Conference Finals. A hard-nose baller through and through. We remember you for your mask. Your energy. And for helping put the Bad Boys of basketball back in business.


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