28 December 2011

Pistons are in for a long, shortened season...

The NBA season also arrived under the Christmas tree this year, and the Pistons are one 33rd of the way through it. And, well, it doesn't look to promising. The shortened 66-game season may very well lead us to another lottery-bound April. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we won less than 20 games this year. After watching the first 2 games result in blowout losses to mediocre (at best) teams, it's hard for me to point out many bright spots to watch for this year. But I'll take a quick stab at it..

On the bright side:

First round pick Brandon Knight could really turn into quite the player someday. Maybe even sooner than later. He dropped 23 points and 6 assists including a handfull of 3-balls, a buzzer beater from beyond the arc, and a no-look dime to this Vernon Macklin chap. Oh yeah, and he did all of this coming off the bench. Hell, at one point when the deficit was still manageable the
boy went on a tear scoring like a dozen straight points to almost bring us back into it. Almost. Still, not a bad performance by any means for a guy playing in only his 2nd NBA game.
Greg Monroe is off to a slower start but I expect another solid year outta the guy. I mean, look at the front court he's anchoring. Jonas Jarebko is starting at power forward. Which reminds

On the shitty side:
Points in the paint. It's pretty cut n' dry really. Cleveland and Indy both put up an ass load of them. The Pistons wanted nothing to do with them. It got me thinking (and tweeting.. @WildWildSteve) I can't wait to have Charlie V back! Seriously, its that bad.

DE-FENSE! All the talks about new, Mad Magazine cover boy look-
alike coach evident that either A. it really is a "work in progress", B. no one knows how to play defense in general or C. the players have already stopped listening to what the dude says. The coaching staff gets Shitty Side honorable mention because I'm only at about 88% distain for the guy. I mean its young in the season, but the guy hasn't shown me shit yet. He coached a star-studded Nets team back in 2004 to like 60 wins but my mom coulda racked up at least 50 with that roster. We coulda had Avery Johnson... Lawrence Frank preaching Defense above all else has kinda gone astray on me. Its

When in Rome:

I'm not sure I'm using the phrase correctly but there's still a lot of things that are up in the air for this team. Ben Gordon looks like a totally different player that scored like 40 points a night in the playoffs with Chicago. There's still time to play with the line-up to get Knight and Stuckey on the same page and starting together. Will "the Thrill" Bynum has been one of my favorite players on this team but hasn't set foot on the court in the first 2 games? Maxiell and Ben Wallace are bringing lack-luster performances to the table. But we do have Dominique Wilkins' nephew on the roster sooooo...

So sans some killer chemistry development and ridiculous development from rookie sensation B-Knight, I don't expect a whole lot this year. Hell, I won't even be able to watch when the Heat come to town. 16-60. See you on Draft night


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