06 December 2011

We Created A Monster: Part 2

So last week I raised the question, "Who does this guy(Suh) think he is?", and I've found my answer. Suh thinks he's Tiger Woods. Short of the fact that Tiger banged out every cocktail waitress around the world, these two are eerily similar. Come to think of it Suh has probably had his fair share of strange, desperately trying to emulate his mentor. First off let's start with the Thanksgiving day antics. Both made national headlines for their Thanksgiving day transgressions. Tiger gets caught cheating, while Suh stomps a Packer. Shortly after their incidents both get in a car crash by speeding and hitting a tree. Both lie to authorities about the accident and later are called out on their blatant lies. Both men's sponsors publicly announce that they will stick by their ambassadors to save face on marketing plans that they've spent way too much money on to throw away, and will eventually latch onto the next big thing. (You think Tebow eats Subway? Prolly not. Your safe there, Nd.) Both are light-skinned black men that make you wonder if they're really black or some type of foreign.

Where these men differ is that Tiger is a proven winner. The only thing that could clear his name was to get back to his winning ways again, such as this past weekend. Until Suh can get back on the field and help lead this team to the playoffs, he will be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Keep your head up big fella. Let's focus on getting you back on the field and embrace your winning potential. Everybody loves a comeback story. Keep your nose clean and deliver for us, and you'll be back in our good graces by January.


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