29 December 2011

Over/Under Pistons Total Wins: 15?

Serious question. Who can these schmucks beat? The score last night in the home opener against fucking Cleveland wasn't even an indication of how lop-sided the game was. And the Pistons still got blown out. When we play the likes of the Knicks, Miami, Dallas, and OKC we'll get beat by 50 each night. Brandon Knight must be looking for an exit strategy already.

With the first pick in the 2012 NBA draft, the Detroit Pistons select ... Jared Sullinger. Maybe we can pay him as much as Ohio State does. It's bad enough we drafted a Dukie in Kyle Singler last year. Now we're gonna have to draft a Buckeye. How can we root for a team full of players we hate?

P.S. Fire Dumars. Countless terrible contracts that we'll have on the books for the long term and a miserable attempt to "rebuild". He hangs on to every player with any trade value until this team has sucked all the talent and will to play out of their soul.


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