29 April 2011

First Bar to Get This Game Wins the DTBC Launch Party

We've been talking about having a launch party for the website for quite some time now. The finances aren't there to throw a badass party solely off the blog's revenue, yet. By mid-summer it will be a go. Just enough time for a bar in Metro Detroit to adopt PoolBall. The instant I hear of a bar that has this game, I'm booking it. I want the inaugural game if at all possible. This game combines my two gayest skills, soccer and geometry, in one awesome drinking game. It would be the perfect cluster fuck mess that is undoubtedly the best metaphor for this website. A combination of skills that have no use for any important real life situation and drinking. Absolutely Perfect.

Staying on the subject of a launch party, there will be one very soon. If PoolBall doesn't take the world by storm by late July we're just gonna have to hold a kegger at "The Future" (aka my house) or a local watering hole that doesn't mind 100 staggering 20 somethings singing karaoke and vomiting in their flower pots. Stay tuned for the deets. Suggestions welcome, but will probably be ignored.


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