04 April 2011


A lot of talk about riots going down after tonights basketball game, and that got me youtubing videos all day. The main take away I got from the videos:
When rioting, always wear a baseball cap, and a bandanna around your face.
1. This protects you slightly more then the other assholes without bandannas from the tear gas which is almost inevitable when dealing with cops breaking up riots.
2. Nowa days everytime something sweet happens, some nerd asshole busts out his camera and video tapes it, and throws it on youtube. Classic way to get everyone involved arrested. The bandanna is perfect for when the cops says: " who just threw that lit bag of shit into the crowd?"
Guess what? Your safe! Noones gonna know that you threw the flaming shit that sent 5 people to the hospital.
So If you forget the bandanna, its ok to go middle eastern and wrap the whole face with a t-shirt, and if you see someone video taping grab the camera and smash it. Just simple rioting rules....


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