16 April 2011

Best Crank Dat Remix: Saved By The Bell Vs. Fresh Prince...WHO YA GOT??


Two of the greatest shows the 90's had to offer. Both shows are undoubtedly a staple in every pre-teen's daily lineup. The real question is who Crank's Dat Soulja Boy better? Bay Area white kids with token Latino and black people or all black everything from the burbs of LA? The classic battle of NoCal vs. SoCal. The rivalry thickens...


C-Bus said...

the prince is fresh ... black folk were meant for crankin

MdotNetz said...

See, I beg to differ. That bay area has dance moves for days. I think the late Mac Dre went to Bayside, and he graced us with the art of thizzing. Also, 0:29 - 1:11 is on point.

Snake said...

im i to think that matt did not know pre post who the clear cut winner would be?

RT the @freshprince is #fresh...#blackfolk were meant for #crankin http://tinyurl.com/3knwfpk

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