27 April 2011

How is Raburn still on the team??

Seriously?? How long before someone in the Tigers organization realizes that this dude isn't worth a hair on Rich's ass. I honestly would trade him for 10 bats right now. No joke. And no, this isn't based off of last night's Jose Conseco-esque blooper homerun he gave up. He's not nearly enough of an offensive contributor to counter the defensive liability he brings. I can't count how many times I've seen him miss a ball in the outfield while doing some gay ass maneuver similar to Will Ferrell's ribbon dance routine in Old School. And isn't the dude like 33 or some shit? Bro is bald enough to be on a Bosley commercial. He aint getting any younger, or any better for that matter, so trade him for any corpse a team is willing to give up before its too late.


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