28 April 2011

Johnson & Johnson

It is not typically in my nature to report anything unfounded—or worse, something floating around on Twitter. But some things have come to my attention regarding the man once known as Chad Johnson. Chad Ochocinco, as he is known today, has been connected with the Detroit Lions several times in recent weeks. First it was his soccer showdown with Ndamukong Suh, which seemed to make sense. Today, Ochocinco worked out with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson and afterwards had this to say on his Twitter feed. "@ if you are I think I should be like a little ,what you think?"
Could you imagine Calvin and Chad Johnson (you know he changes his name back to Johnson for jersey sale purposes half way through the year. Then Calvin's jersey would have to say Ca. Johnson. From a sales stand point the whole thing is brilliant). First Ocho drops a Transformers reference and then I drop a "Worlds largest Pharmaceutical and Therapuetical Company" reference. Is this real life?


C-Bus said...

with cinci taking AJ Green, Chad Johnson is as good as a Lion.

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