27 November 2011

5 Reasons Why I'm glad the NBA is back

Since I'm sure the collective amount of fucks given by the other members of the Coalition about the NBA lockout ending is less than or equal to 1, I'll take it upon myself to spread light on this situation. I've been an avid NBA fan for quite some time now, and seeing all the NBA haters acknowledging their disdain for this sport; I'm a rare breed. A daywalker really. But I got about 5 good reasons why people should be pumped about the NBA getting back on track:

1: Brandon Knight-
Kid was a projected top 3 draft pick and we stole him at number 8 this year. Dude single-handedly carried Kentucky to the Final Four and isnt afraid to make big shots. He's the true point guard this team has been looking for for a while now. If he's as good as I expect him to be, you guys will be back to yelling "DEEETTTROIT BASKKEETBAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!" in no time.

2. Super Teams -
Heat, Knicks, and Celts all got their big 3. As much as I hate that this is what the league has come to, these guys put on a show. I expect some big time Christmas Day games to kick off the year. Heat-Mavs, Lakers-Celtics, Bulls-Knicks. A plethora of dunks and dimes will overload sporscenter that night. I can understand how no one would want to watch a Pistons-Grizzlies game this year, but these big-time games should be intriguing to all sports fans

3. Lebron James' inevitable choke -

The self-proclaimed King will be back on the court and will be the focal point of every third headline in Sportscenter. He'll act all cool and collective, get a few more commercials, get boo'd out of every city he goes into and he'll probably silence most of them. But when this team struggles it really get my balls tingling. I want nothing more than Lebron to choke every playoff series he's ever in.

4. Pistons' Jersey Numbers -
Has anyone else noticed how they retired Dennis Rodman's number 10 jersey but Greg Monroe continues to wear it? Or that when they drafted Brandon Knight they gave him jersey number 7, which right now belongs to Ben Gordon? Get this shit together.

5. More Sports to Watch! -
Love it or hate it, the NBA is back. If you're a sports junkie like me you're just pumped that you don't have to wait every 3rd day for a Wings game, or your weekly Lions and College football fix. More games, more top plays, more action. It's a win-win


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