06 November 2011

Pump the Breaks Wings Fans

Image courtesy Yahoo! Sports

Red Wings faithful, please settle yourselves. Our boys will be just fine. After the 5 game win streak, I hear things like " Wings are gonna break the single season wins record", and " over/under Jimmy Howard shutouts, 25?" If anything, our fan base should understand that the post NHL salary cap era doesn't allow for feats of years past. Teams have built themselves specifically to slow down the Wings. So after the 6 game losing streak, when I hear a local radio station say "We're gonna have Chris Chelios on today to ask 'why do the Wings suck?'", I cringe.

The argument that the Wings are old is cut short by the fact that Jimmy Howard, Justin Abdelkader, Darren Helm, Valteri Fillpula, Fabian Brunnstrom, Nyquist, Johnathan Eriksson, and Juri Hudler are all under 30. More than half of our top 10 players are under 35. Not that old.

Our new Assistant coaching staff have taken a lot of criticism as well. Jeff Blashill was the head coach at Western Michigan and he single handedly made that program elite. Winning has followed him around.

Admittedly, this post is easy to write after last night's 5-0 beat down on the Ducks. Just let the Wing gather some steam and we'll talk about their performance in late December and judge from there.


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