08 November 2011

Leave JoPa Aloneeee!!

Really Millen? Crying over this? C'mon buddy; like you didn't rape an entire organization for almost a decade? Don't act so surprised when your alma mater has been doing the same thing, only on a much more literal and disturbing level. I mean the shit at Penn State is pretty twisted. But I really can't blame JoPa for not reporting it. The dude probably forgot where he was 10 minutes after he was told and started to put jelly in his milk like it was totally normal. Alzheimer's will do that shit to ya believe me. But it's always good to see this idiot on TV doing something stupid. Gives people a real sense of what we dealt with for so long. I think crying here is so out of context. I mean, look at the chick's reaction to it. She's so stunned she almost speaks jibberish to fill the dead air. Get it together Millen before you look like this guy(girl?).


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