06 November 2011

What Happened? I Blacked Out...

So I've been on quite the hiatus lately, and for that I'm not sorry one bit. I've had probably the best video game binge of my gaming career. Now I never play video games any more, but with this game, I couldn't resist. FIFA 12 is more dangerous than heroin. I was going to write this blog yesterday, but my addiction got the best of me. I actually had to stop mid-posting this to grab the sticks and give it a go. The last time I got this into a video game, my roommate Griff and I beat Halo 3 in college. Also, when Snake used to talk shit and keep me until 5 am until he could finally beat me at NHL 09. I think this is in part of my quarter-life crisis to get some resemblance of my adolescence and college career back. At any rate, if this is affecting anyone of my friends, family, or random blog followers (I see you Russian and Canadian followers) I suggest FIFANON. It's an organization similar to NARCONON or Al-anon, but for FIFA addicts.


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