15 November 2011


Well I'd be way more excited for this if I didn't see it coming a nautical mile away. My man won the triple crown this year (most wins, strikeouts and lowest WHIP). Missed the Quadruple barely with a 2.40 ERA as to Weaver's 2.28. Dude's sick. Nothing else to say about it. Strikeout master (filthy stuff according to Rod Allen). WHIP that rivals my GPA my Freshman year at Central. And he keeps getting better. Hat's off to you, Mr. Verlander. I say he's got a good shot at MVP as well next week.

-Editors Note: Is this video good or shitty? I just uploaded it and was too lazy to watch the whole thing.

What? I can't just sit here and blog all day I gotta go!


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