08 March 2011

C'mon, Brah!

From: Snakey Snakerton
RE: Coalition
Sent: Tue 3/8/2011 2:28 AM

I bought bridget an iphone 3gs today for $249 because she lost her phone on Friday and has $20 in her bank account.  consider shes available for an upgrade may 1 and could get the iphone 4 for 200, not to mention the iphone 5 for the same price in july.  This girl is not and will not be blowing me nor have I ever done as much as touch a boob.  She had no money, wanted a new phone,  called her plutonic friend jake, begged, got emotional when I said no, and got a brand new phone.  Out of the blue….i bought her a new iphone.  Think about that.   That’s how big of a pussy I am.  I highly doubt I can contribute to any sort of bro related brojects or bro posts that are of any vaule.  Jesus I am so disappointed in myself.  Go wings.

Girls have a crazy power over men. It's no mystery. I'll choose boobs over blogs 100 times out of 100. But puhhleasse, Snakey. You're better than this. Get out there and charge fellatio at the very least for these investments. You need some ROI, brah. 

Once Snake restocks on Adderol and tampons we'll have a new layout for the site. Maybe you'll get it for Christmas...if you're good little blog followers, that is. 


C-Bus said...

My initial thought this morning was to go straight to the blog with that FYEO email ... well played.

Richie Rich said...

This is a call out and a half.

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