19 February 2011

GOP Votes to Cut Funding of Free Rubbers

From Salon.com

Planned Parenthood became the center of a budgetary coup in Washington yesterday, as House Republicans voted to cut all federal funding to the program. To top off an already tumultuous Friday, the organization found itself the subject of an hour-long Glenn Beck screed.

The Fox News host spent his entire show yesterday railing against the non-profit, saying that it assists in sex trafficking operations involving underage girls. He even brought on pro-life activist Lila Rose to try to corroborate his claims.

Well this is a damn shame if I've ever seen one. The Government basically just cut funding to condoms for every college kid in America. Planned Parenthood was a monthly stop for us. Go there once and get enough gloves for the whole gang. Granted, they were only lifestyles; but a free condom is better than a baby. I've seen Teen Mom. I know how this story ends. I just want to take this time and say Godspeed to all the college bros who have depended on this service as your main supplier and will soon be faced with the difficult decision to buy rubbers or pull-n-pray. You're in our thoughts here at D Town Brothers Coalition. And as far as sex trafficking goes, Glenn Beck; I would have known if there was something like that going on. Believe you/me.


Anonymous said...

on this point I must disagree, have you ever smashed with a condom? It's as much fun as swimming in a t-shirt, none! My method is to assume the lucky lady is not only disease free but also infertile, then bust up inside like the ship is going down. In the event of an unwanted pregnancy, I always make sure to direct the mother to be to the ever informative website, www.notmyproblem.com

Mike Breezy said...

lol, for anyone reading the above comment, don't take it seriously unless you have read The Secert.

MdotNetz said...

Yes, C-Bus!

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