22 February 2011

BREAKING: Carmelo to the Knicks

Carmelo: "Deal or No Deal?" Kincks: "Deal!"


Well I think it's safe to say that the Knickerbockers are my new favorite team. I'll spare you the details of the elaborate trade, but you can find it in the link above. Since acquiring A'mare Stoudemire, I've been giving this team some attention. Now with the addition of Carmelo, who has been my favorite player since he was at Syracuse, they are unstoppable. Kid has swag through the roof. Girls like his Dougie like Patty Mayonnaise. Now that he is in the biggest market on planet earth, the man is going to explode. He is as attention whore-ish as it gets. The only difference between him and LeBron is he had enough class to do this the right way.

It's hard to really get behind a team in this league that isn't your home team, since there is zero passion from 95% of the players in this league, and a collective bargaining agreement ready to cause a work stoppage for the 2011-2012 season. Let's be real for a second. Detroit Pistons are irrelevant in every sense of the word. Their main problem is lack of passion. Passion!? Really? I mean despite the fact that there's an owner that's checked out for years, there are teammates with zero chemistry, and besides 2 or 3 young players, no future.  There is no way the pistons will compete for a title within the next 5-7 years. The Knicks, Heat, and Bulls are built to win now, and in the future, and will dominate for the better part of the decade. The team's in your hands Mr. Dumars(for now); show me something.


Anonymous said...

built to win now...the only team built to win now is the celtics. get it straight

MdotNetz said...

Anonymous comments are for cowards. Fuck the Celtics. They've ruined KG for me. But seriously the Celtics are obviously legit. They'll make a good run this year, maybe next. Getting a little long in the tooth tho, no?

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