26 May 2011

Chicago Sports Fan: Bi-Polar? I'm Bi-Winning, unless we're losing

By Cbus

I want to start this post for apologizing for the hate post below, but if there is one thing I hate more than the pro sports teams in Chicago, it's their miserable fans, and if I'm not hating, I'm not breathing.

In the four years I have lived in Chicago, aka infiltrated enemy territory, I've been surrounded by these mentally unstable cry babies. The Chicago fan is either in your face, overly confident or completely unable to contain their misery, "over" their team. Bulls win game 1 by 20 and it's a locked up guarantee sweep, lose game three on the road and the series is finished, Bulls suck. Can
someone explain to these morons what a 7 game series is, and what a home court advantage means? I understand the passion, winning a game by 20 will do that to you, but don't forget that was game 1 at home, let's have a little perspective. Also, can you show a little integrity? Don't give me this "well, Black Hawks weren't supposed to make the playoff's so we were lucky to make it this far." Hey dick hole, 1) you did make the playoff's so you belong there. 2) Your team just battled back from being down 3-0 in impressive fashion to force a game 7, why are you making ANY excuses? Be mad, be happy, I don't fucking care, just don't be a pussy. Had game 7 gone the other way no one would have heard the end of it so own your choice and live with the outcome. I'm watching this game 5 right now and can actually feel the collective mood of this city peak and plummet with every single basket, it must be fucking exhausting to be this emotionally unsettled. (I'm guessing a lot like being a woman)

Finally, please stop telling me to "move to Detroit" or taking pot shots at some of D-Towns more unsavory characteristics, it's petty, not funny, and 100% off topic. Sure Detroit is not experiencing the heights it once knew, but Chicago isn't exactly the moral compass you believe it to be. Point is, we don't care about your trials and tribulations, your squad is fucking weak, like the trash you talk. D Rose will get shut down, and when our QB has to exit the game he tosses one last tutty with a separated shoulder, probably could have used some of that toughness in that NFC game?


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