31 May 2011


by Matt Netzel
Top of the 7th and we're up 2. We need 2 outs, bases loaded. I'm out in left having a panic attack. One run in. FUCK! Look who's up next. Their 4 batter/Short stop. Easily best kid on the team. I KNOW we're losing this game for sure. I'm not too intense about losing. I'm not gonna go home and scream at my girlfriend or hit my dog, but at the same time that shit gets old. 4 batter strikes out swinging! I couldn't believe it. We were ecstatic! This team needed this win more than anyone knows. I mean when else are we gonna get to use our jump 5*?

I don't know what it was tonight. Was it my sliding catch to end the inning? Ridenour's strikeouts (including the game winner)? Tim, Jon, Lesnau, and Ed's clutch hitting at the bottom of the order? Mark's 2-run homer? Wild Steve jumping out of his shoes at short? George and Tadziu's heads-up base running scoring key runs? No. It was a team effort. We never lost our composure in the biggest of moments. Now I know what you're thinking; "what is it their first win?" And the answer is yes. It is. In over 2 years at least. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and with a capacity crowd on hand (like 6 for us and 4 for the other team), we put on a show.
There was our normal errors and dumb plays, (who swings on a 2-0 pitch? Me, that's who. Hey, bro I came here to swing), but we kept our heads in it, 'kept the D hard', and pulled down the W.

* Jump 5 - imagine the Michael Jordan Nike symbol. Now imagine two of those high five-ing. Feels fantastic!  (See Image)


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