11 May 2011

Dennis Rodman To Get Jersey Retired...Again?!

A New York strip club will retire Dennis Rodman's No. 10 jersey tonight in celebration of his 50th birthday. An employee at Headquarters Gentlemen's Club confirmed Rodman, who turns 50 on Friday, will be there but did not know which jersey would hang on the wall. Dancers will reportedly wear Rodman's Pistons jersey, which is certainly more than they normally wear. Reports say Charlie Sheen could be in attendance. Wonder if any former teammates will be there ... for support.
I can't say I'm surprised by this. This actually makes more sense than him retiring it with the Pistons. He has undoubtedly logged more time in strip clubs. The funny thing is the strippers are going to wear Pistons jerseys while Rodman will probably wore in 1990. A bib, pacifier, a huge bonnet, maybe an umbilical cord. The possibilities are endless with "the Worm".  
Seeing as how Greg Monroe is going to wear Rodman's number 10 during his entire stay in Detroit, Rodman's gotta get some love somewhere. And what a better place than somewhere where "love" only costs about 2 fiddy for a half hour. 


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