31 May 2011

"That Didn't Even Have To Happen.....Bitch!!!"

...screams the crazy lady swinging a lawn chair at what looks like her mans ride.  He surely deserved it.

This ladyLatonya Dawson of Detroit, specifically states at the end of her chairs gone wild rage fest (4:51), "That didn't even have to happen...bitch".  Exactly.  Elin Woods doesn't have a damn thing on you.  Thank you crazy lady for cementing my opinion in general.  Thank you for losing it in front of a camera AND the cops...essentially telling me and the world that making sure "He don't do that again" is more important to you than a) legal trouble b) public humiliation and c) maintaining your equilibrium .  Did going Sybil on those windows have to happen?  Absolutely not.  Did it happen?  You bet it did.  Any female member of the crazy club that can find 1% rational behind this I demand an explanation.  Does it make you feel better or something?

Now if you are a dude, or around these parts a BRO (which we can assume most readers of this blog are), and you have ever had a girlfriend, wife, or significant other (again, I will assume you have)...then a certain element of this post is going to hit home. So the question I'm asking here is not IF women, in general, cross the crazy line. They do.  It's universally a given.  Don't believe me...women?   Find the nearest bro and ask him if he's ever been in a situation where his girlfriend went a little "crazy". The chuckle/giggle of an answer you just got means, "Trust me, you don't even want to know".  No the question is not IF, the question is WHAT...and specifically WHAT qualifies as going TOO far?

Is smashing a Caddy in the middle of Jefferson Ave. going too far?  As a human being instinct tells me to answer yes...but the depressing reality is that I have personally experienced worse. It blows the mind how many times I have watched my woman fly off the handle at my expense. Some worse than others...depending on how crazy the specific female is that I was dealing with at the time, but just because some were "worse" in no way implies that the others were "better". They are all bad...just some less worse than others. I mean just imagine if you saw some dude...in downtown Detroit...smashing his boo's ride with a beach chair. That video would be virally unparalleled. 3,000,000 + hits on YouTube within a week.  In a month and a half this video only has a shade over 100,000 hits because somewhere along the line it became socially OK for a girl to go completely bat shit crazy when she has her feelings hurt.  How is this fair?

Lets open this one up to the readers, but before I go I want to quiz any girl who is reading this.

"So let me get this straight.  You grabbed my cell phone while I was napping?  I wont even question if that is acceptable or not...because apparently it is.  So you sent a text message to my ex girlfriend not 1, but 2 girls before you in which you unjustly called her a bitch/skank for absolutely no reason?  When she responds aggressively...you wonder why and somehow this equates to me being a huge asshole and you trying to smoke me in the jaw?  All this before I wake up from the nap?"

Q:  What's up with that?

I would be very interested in hearing about your personal stories and experiences. Comments encouraged.