01 June 2011

Heat Take Game One in Dramatic Fashion

By Jacob Allen
Wow. The Miami Heat just put on a show. Tonight I was a witness.  4th quarter domination is becoming the norm in South Beach. With the score tied the Heat went on a can't stop me, can't score on me, alley oopin dunk party to blow open and close out what seemed like a tight game (Q1-Q3)   in the same dominant fashion we've seen all throughout the playoffs.  These guys, simply stated, are the best players in the world.  Unimaginably good.  I can't see the Mavs even beginning to stop them.  If they somehow win a game or two, and I mean if, then its going to be because the Heat released the stranglehold, and just felt like closing the series out at home.

3's Muh Muh Make Me Happy
Dirk looked confused.  Kidd looked afraid.  Deshawn Stevenson was wagging around three fingers looking like Simple Jack every time he hit a three...his signature move...but thats about all he did.  Listen guy...we get it.  If your feet are behind the line it's an extra point.  We also get that you are the best wagger alive.  Seriously Deshawn how many times does LBJ have to put the hurt on you before you get the point that hes a king and your'e just a court jester?  Do we need to call Jay again?  Miami slowed the Mav's "potent" offense down, and they did it quite easily.  If there was any doubt about how good this group is at closing games, those doubts have been put to rest...permanently.  They close...and they close with Gucci style.  The Heat are going to win the chip...ushering in a "you better form your own SUPERTEAM or youre going to lose to us every single year" mentality that will change NBA hoopin for good.  Long live the King.


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