13 June 2011

Audrina's in the D...So you're tellin me there's a chance....

Bikini-clad Audrina Patridge was soaking up some sun by a pool in Los Angeles a few years ago when a reality TV producer spotted the aspiring model-actress. It was a chance meeting that ultimately led to a six-season run on the smash MTV series "The Hills."

These days, Patridge has traded her MTV gig in Hollywood for a web series in Detroit. Yet the 26-year-old beauty continues to attract attention — and maybe an occasional fan melee.

Last week at an airport in Mexico, she was overrun by fans, and earlier this week in Detroit, Patridge had an encounter with a group of prom-going teens at a bakery in the city's Greektown section.

Could this be the second chance I've been waiting 3 long years for?? Could it be Divine Intervention that Audrina just so happens to be filming a low budget, made-for-internet TV show right here in the D?? Let's hope so, cuz this could really be my golden ticket. For those of you asking what in the blue hell am I talking about; allow me to bring you up to speed:
A few summers ago we were in Sin City for a Bro's birthday. In the midst of the blackouts, the $500 strip club nights and being kicked out of the nightclub and tossed into an alley, I was able to test my luck with her. In the pool at Treasure Island, while we befriended a group of what was either Bros straight from Ireland or Bro's with astonishing fake Irish accents that would put mine to shame, we noticed a small gathering of scrubs around an extremely gorgeous girl in water. One of the lads said "Thats that Audrina girl from The Hills." Sure as Shit: It was! Pat (honorary bro of the Coalition) made the point that if I didn't say anything to her, I'd regret it forever. It was no sooner than I realized he was right, that Cuci's dad suggested I use the line he taught me. Nervous, scared, and about a .16 BAC I walked up to her, put my arm on the small of her back and said I had a question for her. After an enthusiastic "Okay!", I verbally vomited "Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?" Clearly puzzled, she responded with "ummmmm..." when I chimed with "enough to break the ice. My name is Steve these are my friends Pat and Anthony" She leaned forward with laughter and I knew I had made a great impression...
Now what happened after that is hearsay at this point. Some will tell you I was star-struck and panicked. I personally believe that I just didn't expect that line to work as well as it did, and it caught me off guard. Either way the conversation ended shortly after and I've been waiting for my chance at redemption. And now it's come! There's not a doubt in my mind she remembers that encounter; it was fucking golden! So I'll leave this blog open ended as I scour the city for my second chance. She left TV for the internet so you know she's lowered her standards by now. And if 6 years business school has taught me ANYTHING its that you buy low and sell high. Throw Some STEVE on that Bitch!


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