16 June 2011


Rebecca Black wants "Friday" all to herself, it seems, requesting that YouTube take down the viral video that made her famous. "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black," reads the Web page that once held the pop tune so bad it was marvelous. "Sorry about that." The dispute is over who own rights to Rebecca's image, according to TMZ, which got confirmation from the Black team that a takedown notice had been submitted as a result of a "dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the 'Friday' video." Ark Music Factory produced the tune as part of a package purchased by Rebecca's family. After logging more than 167 million free "Friday" views via its YouTube account, Ark earlier this week introduced a $2.99 three-day rental fee for the video — this after Mama Black in April threatened Ark with a lawsuit over master copies of the recording and sales of "Friday" ring tones, Popeater said.

OKay, seriously? This is really happening? Like my week already wasn't shitty enough, Rebecca Black has to go and pull this shit on me? Not a cool move. Girl got more publicity she could've ever dreamed of off this weekender ballad, and now she's crying foul. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think after about 10 million youtube views you start getting paaaaiiiidd. Like rapper money. If Kim Kardashian can charge $25K per tweet, Becky coulda made twice that per live performance. Coulda paid off college, her parents' house and retired early off of a 3 month road trip. Don't get me wrong; Ark Music really asked for a piece and tried to take the whole kitchen, which deserves a 5 minute major at best. But if the NFL lockout has taught me anything its this: when the pie's this big, there's no need to fight over the crumbs. 


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