29 June 2011

Local Bro Left for Dead in the Ocean....Kinda

From the Detroit News:

Australian officials said today they were investigating a dive boat company that accidentally left behind a U.S. tourist snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, forcing the panicked man to swim to another boat for help.
A spokesman for the company denied Ian Cole was ever in danger. But it drew immediate comparisons to the infamous case of Americans Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who died in 1998 after their tour boat left while they were scuba diving on the reef. Officials believe they drowned or were eaten by sharks.
Cole, 28, of Michigan said he was snorkeling on Saturday when he lifted his head out of the water and realized his tour boat, the Passions of Paradise, was nowhere in sight.
"The adrenalin hit in and I had a moment of panic, which was the worst thing I could have done at that point," Cole told the Cairns Post. "I was able to calm myself just a little bit because there was another boat still out there and I made my way to that vessel. Lucky it was there because otherwise I may have drowned. I did not handle the situation well and I was tired."
A spokeswoman for the state work safety agency, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, confirmed the department was investigating, but declined to comment further.
Passions of Paradise referred calls to Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators executive officer Col McKenzie, who did not immediately return messages from the Associated Press. But he told the Post that Cole was never in danger of drowning, since other boats were nearby.

I don’t know about you guys but this would scare the balls off of me. For whatever reason, we have the movie “Open Water” on DVD. Now, mind you, I’ve never actually watched it in fear of losing 2 hours of my life, but I know the plot and I’ve heard the story it was based off of. I know how that shit ends. That’s gotta be the most helpless you could ever feel right? I don’t know how they find return vessels from moon missions in the ocean, let alone a single human being. And that’s not to mention that no one cares about your ass enough to send a NAVY carrier and 15 helicopters to come find you. You'd get a coast guard reserve boat...at best! I can’t even explain the level of panic that would run through me in this situation. I mean, I'm no pussy but I'd probably be hysterical in 40 seconds flat. And to make matters worse, what a BORING way to die! Sit in the ocean and get sun blisters for 3 days until you either starve, dehydrate, or drown. Shit's for the birds man...


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