02 June 2011

Beetlejuice & The Top 25 Wack Packers

The Howard Stern Show is a big part of my life on a day to day basis. I really don't know if our readers listen or not, but if you do then you certainly know about the Wack Pack! If you don't...then you should and the posts that are to follow this "Wacky" introduction will individually profile each lovable retard and their mind boggling antics...starting with the world "Beet"-er, Beetlejuice.  This is my top 25 and this is the same order in which I will be posting.

1.   Beetlejuice (6/4/11)
2.   Gary the Retard (7/12/11)
3.   Jeff the Drunk
4.   High Pitch Eric
5.   Eric the Midget
6.   Big Foot
7.   Riley Martin
8.   Ass Napkin Ed
9.   Iron Sheik
10. Yucko the Clown
11. Hanzi
12. Underdog Lady
13. Wendy the Retard
14. Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf
15. Medicated Pete
16. Pete the Asian Virgin
17. Scott the Engineer
18. Will the Farter
19. Sour Shoes
20. Daniel Carver
21. Evil Dave Letterman
22. King of All Blacks
23. John the Stutterer
24. Blue Iris
25. Crazy Alice


Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome. You draw that?

Snake said...

no...i didnt. I just Photoshoped it up a bit and moved things around.

im actually not sure who originally did them, but he drew all of them then sent the mosaic to the show. howard loved it. it was hanging on the wall in the studio at some point but now i think its in richard and sals office.

Thos link is 1 of 2 originals. its also somewhere on howardstern.com


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